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    Charlotte Kirk has now claimed another executive raped her.  She said she had nonconsensual sex with an executive at Warner Brothers.  Too bad she has already done this once before and got a $2 million settlement.  You starting to see a pattern with women?

    They have sex to get what they want and when things do not work out or they need money for their lifestyle they claim rape.

    Additional Information:

    Charlotte Kirk has a history of affairs with media/movie executives. In 2012, NBCUniversal vice-chairman Ronald Meyer was in his late 60’s when he had an affair with Ms. Kirk who was about 20 years old. Meyers eventually resigned in 2020 but admitted to paying Ms. Kirk a settlement of $2 million. I’m sure we will not be seeing Ms. Kirk on the silver screen due to the reputation she has earned for herself.


    Rose McGowan is up to 3 claims now.

    I think this is Kirk’s third claim.  I know it is the second for sure.

    Anyone who believes these women are fools.


    One has to remember, that even after we have two consensual sex acts, if one at some point in the future “regrets” the action, then using the feminists definition, that is RAPE.

    Even if SHE was the one who initiated it.

    Best solution: Don’t have sex with a female unless she is your wife.  Anything else and it is jail bait!


    Before going into the legal field, I was a high-level business consultant for the tech industry.  The subject of sex robots came up once.  I have an interest in robotics so I looked into that area.  There is a huge faction in business that truly believes sex robots are going to be very real and very viable with time.

    They look stupid right now because we are at a PONG level, but with time, they are going to get to a GTA V level and I promise you, men will choose them over women.  It is downright dangerous to even get married in 2020 for a man.


    For those who haven’t read the full article.  This is the 5th man she has accused of this.




    Ronald Meyer

    Kevin Tsujihara

    Also, Charlotte Kirk, her former boyfriend Joshua Newton and her latest paramour Neil Marshall have tried to extort $335,000,000 out of the first three.


    I made a mistake.   This is not her 2nd claim.  It is her fifth.


    Women lie a lot.  This is something our society does not want to admit to themselves.  Sex crimes are the easiest to lie about too.  No real evidence is needed in a sex crime.  Plus, women never pay the price for lying.  Make it a felony sex offense when a woman lies and see how many claims there actually are.  Lets really make it equal.  If you are trying to destroy a life with sex claims, well if you lie, you are now a sex offender.

    What is scary about this woman is she is only 28 and as you said this is her fifth claim.


    This is no different than the whore who claimed that College whatever team raped her only to find out she was never in the same location as them.

    Lock her up for making false claims and sentence her to the time that her accused is facing.


    u-tube channel Sandman has been saying sex-dolls is the way of the future.

    But first, they have to make them for females.

    Once females accept them, they can start rolling out sex-robots for males.

    It will then be near impossible for feminists from ban sex-dolls as they will have to ban BOTH those for males and females.

    But if they came out with one for males firsts, they could claim it is objectifying the female body.

    He was also saying it will become the next level of phone-sex.  Add VR tech, and two people can enjoy each other virtually thru the bots.

    This is what the me-too movement is leading us to.


    I agree.  It wont be for about 30 years, I think, but eventually, they are going to get so lifelike you will swear that they are real people.  Pretty much everything you see in the movie terminator is being done in a lab somewhere in this world.  They are even growing skin now.

    I keep telling people this.  Everyone thinks the future will be like the best of science fiction.  Personally, I think it will be the worst of science fiction.  It is going to take a while though.  The complexity is enormous.

    My only caveat to that is that I could see society falling apart before we get there.   I dont think people really understand how precarious of a position we are in.  If America falls, the entire west goes with it.  Then all bets are off. This entire world could become a one-world government dystopian society.


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