Any Board Game Lovers?

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    question is the type of board game

    used to have racker gamers we could get with, they had every single munchkin expansion and a few special promotional items. (for the record, NEVER play a 12 person game. even if you got the pieces.. it takes forever and gets stale real quick. card variety wasnt an issue on ‘vanilla’ deck but thats for obvious reasons if you’ve seen all the expacs)

    a few favorites of the family are shorter range titles. lords of waterdeep, the resistance, DC deck builder, acquire, hex hex, the usual Clue and life options (although in simpsons and firefly flavors), even mass effect 3 risk.. (wanted to love it more, but it created a dynamic system for the 3 factions that resulted in a over in first turn game xD)

    tsuro is a good pallete cleanser, likewise never underestimate the universal appeal of uno (i know technically a card game but it was heavily favored in board game days)

    for long form, we tended to favor co-operative games (i have a sister thats a sore loser, and a sister thats a sore loser/winner xD) such as eldritch horror, and the humorous agents of smersh.

    miss the board games since i left cali, but the only group i could find around here through meetup the hosts were stoners and i have a light allergy to the stuff.


    Anyone ever played Scotland Yard? It’s my all time favourite boardgame


    Axis and Allies is my favorite but hard to find an opponent since my one buddy moved off.

    Currently been playing alot of Terraforming Mars. Its a really good game but takes about 4 hrs to finish. Also a PC version on Steam if you are still on lockdown…


    I’ve only ever played board games as a kid, Steve Austin board game, Sorry, etc. I’d like to try a modern day era game, Scotland Yard etc, but no one in my family (two teen daughters and a five year old) have little to any interest in them.


    Board games are definitely one of those random items that I keep collecting! I LOOOVE Pop culture themed Monopoly games, but they take up so much damn room!🤣

    I recently picked up the early 90’s Ninja Turtles Power Game (UK variant of the Pizza Power game). Anyone played that?

    One that I’m always on the lookout for? Tornado Rex!

    It’s just SO. EXPENSIVE!

    Such an awesome game that got pulled early due to copyright infringement. Tornado Rex is basically Taz from Looney Tunes🤣

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    I like those “new” board games that are more complex but also some classic like Scrabble. Also using some helping tools like tricher au scrabble et anagrammeur for better results.


    Oh, at least someone is discussing board games here. My friends and I remember the first time we bought a set of professional poker, we were so excited. That’s how our love of board games began. Later on we switched to online poker because that way we not only started playing and having fun with it but also started earning money. We even invented our own strategy. Now we play at the casino on Sometimes I even play alone.

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    I like Clue, I played it for the first time this year and I ended up liking it. Whenever I play now….I’m always gonna be Mr. Green who in the version I play is the Playboy billionaire that if the version of Clue I played was a movie….Ryan Reynolds would be playing the character I am playing as in Clue….I’m Deadpool!!!

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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