Any news on the Bladerunner Anime?

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    Anything? They announced it in 2018.


    Trailer | BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS | adult swim
    Oct 7, 2021
    Adult Swim
    The world that changed the way we see sci-fi is back. Toonami and CrunchyRoll bring you BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS, coming this fall.


    I’d be more into an Anime, for sure. Androids are coming soon though, so Blade Runner is more relevant than ever. I like the look of the comics, but never really got into it. I know others do not like it, but my buddy and I were big fans of Prometheus. My friend is a big fan of Erich von Däniken, so Prometheus really connected with him. Will say, the movie after it, Alien: Covenant, was awful and terrible and kind of ruined it for me, personally. It’s too bad because Prometheus was a good experience.

    Ridley Scott Confirms Blade Runner TV SERIES & Gives Alien TV Series Update
    Mr H Reviews

    Ridley Scott has done some great tv series lately….like the one with Tom hardy…and another one about a lost British ship in the Antarctica I
    Fighting a polar bear…but he should not do alien because he ignores past mythology…we want Alien 5 and AVP 3 , just give it to us…and a good game!


    Here is first episode free. There are five episodes so far. Forget the reviews and decide for yourself.

    Free FULL episode
    Elle will stop at nothing to discover the truth about her past in this full-length premiere episode of BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS. Toonami and Crunchyroll bring you BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS, Saturdays on Adult Swim.


    It is not anime, but animation. You would think that with real robots and androids coming out, that writers would flock to Blade Runner, West World and other franchises. Animatrix might have had the best one. Maybe combine Replicants and Surrogates and write from there.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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