Any Warhammer 40k Fans?

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    If you like building 40k stuff and painting, here is my channel with hints and cheap ass tips!

    Why The Halfarsed Heresy? Because (as you will see) making youtube videos is NOT my strength but I can paint a decent model LOL



    My attention span is too short, but I’ll share your channel with my holy man who watches these painting tutorials. You are definitely an excellent painter by what I’ve seen.


    I just subscribed to you. I need all the help I can get with painting.

    I’ve been playing Warhammer 40k for about 30 years now (Throne, I feel old now) and have a pretty big collection.

    I too have a YouTube channel on which I intermittently post videos about making and converting models, not all of which are 40k related though. There are also a few videos that are overviews of my collection and the odd Star Wars related video. Most recently I uploaded a video about making a detailed interior for a Chimera.

    My channel is ‘stephenjdutton’ at:


    I don’t need help with painting, but it’s good too what others do.


    I listen to the audio books. Horus Heresy. Eisenhorn, looking forward to that show.


    HA HA! Good man! I started in 89/90 and was all over it, then around 93/94 I got side tracked, you know with booze, women, and wrecking shit up! Many years (25) I returned to the hobby when they released Conquest Magazine and I haven’t looked back. Man, I wish I had the money and patience I have now when I was a kid LOLOL


    Good to see some interest. Regarding the books, I’m currently half way through Mechanicum Horus Heresy book, I’m going in order so this is book 9 I think.


    Today is the day! Indomitus box set is out! I pre-ordered 3 and here is my real time (almost) unboxing

    anyone else getting this awesome set?


    I’ve seen your video on the set and it does look pretty good (despite GW still pushing Primaris marines). Whether I’ll get it or not is another thing. My main focus is my squats right now, although I do have some other Imperial Guard planned. I do like to keep up to date with the rules just in case I get back into playing but spending £125 on this set isn’t really a priority for me given GW’s recent tweet that suggests they may not even want me as a customer any more.


    I’ve seen sets for £111 on certain order sites? I dunno if still available though. Squats man, thats old skool!

    Yeah, that statement they put out about SJW/BLM stuff was fucking SHIT!


    I’ve managed to put together a force of squats based on the Imperial Guard codex. I’m trying to expand this to a regiment with three line infantry companies (one mechanised), one heavy weapon company and also a command/recon company that I will base off the space marine codex instead. This will be a way of using up all the old squats with bolters and of course my squat terminators…

    Squat Terminators

    I’ve also been putting together some armoured forces for the squats as well, modified to look short and fat just like the squats themselves.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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