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    I didn’t realize how popular this franchise was but I guess people speak with their wallets. From a business point of view the work being done has been brilliant, but from a gaming point of view this is surely taking the piss.

    There is the argument that each game is a different experience but I disagree.





    I haven’t played the first Far Cry but FC 2 was pretty good, FC3 and 4 were masterpieces but the Primal setting and combat system looked kinda ehh so I skipped it.

    Then with FC 5 I skipped it because the setting looked boring. What I like about Far Cry games is that you get thrown into and exotic place somewhere in the world and get to explore cool animals and nature. I don’t wanna play a Far Cry in some random hillbilly village somewhere in America. That’s not exotic.


    I might give FC 6 a go, tho.


      FC3 was an OK game, with a mess of a story. Then FC4 was only a cash grab re-hash of 3, but I guess including elephants excited angry joe so it sold well.

      FC5 had no reason to exist, it was Ghost Recon Wildldands, only was worse in every aspect than that. And it had a terrible annoying story again, even worse than FC3. Then New Dawn came out and it included A-RPG and looter shooter mechanics, which ruined what little fun FC5 had, so that was a complete bust.

      So no, I’m not getting FC6, maybe a year after release at a deep discount if reviews are favorable.


      FC 3 was my all time favorite game when I was younger. Until I played GTA V, The Witcher 3, Persona 5 etc. I think I wouldn’t enjoy it as much these days because of the stereotypical and corny plot and characters. The main character was a bang average american dude who was cool, buff, rich and smart. Yawn. Far Cry 4 had a really interesting plot and the main character had an actually cool backstory and reason to be in the setting of the game.

      I do think Far Cry games (especially 3) are for younger teenagers.


        That’s rather unlikely.


          I remember him as a spoiled brat, who in 3 seconds goes to mary rambo. But my biggest issue with the story is how many times he is captured then accidentally released, plus the cultist voodoo shit, plus the ending.


          I see I’ve posted here before, I grabbed Far Cry 5 for really cheap from Ps store. I never had any interest as the setting of the story didn’t feel exotic as the previous ones.

          Now that I’ve played for a couple days, it still is the Far Cry I remembered. I’ve kinda outgrown FPS games and I loved FC3 and 4 but probably wouldn’t love them as much if I played them now. There are some problems with FC 5 which I think makes it worse than the previous mentioned:

          1. The setting. Going from exotic places like the jungles of  Rook Islands and the Himalayan vibes of Kyrat to just a random farm county in America is just not exciting in any way. No elephants, rhinos,  komodo dragons and other exotic animals, but deer, bears and dogs. The setting and villain are what makes Far Cry games interesting, Hope Country is a big downgrade.

          2. The main character. FPS main characters often are bland, and in a game where you customize your character he becomes even more bland. Jason Brody from 3 was an obnoxious young american who threw cringy and unfunny pop culture references, but that was his personality. The spoiled and obnoxious white dude stereotype.
          Ajay Ghale from 4 was super interesting, a Kyrat native growing up in America who then goes back to his home country. He had a reason to be there and it fel exciting.

          The MC of 5 is just a literally no name american cop who doesn’t speak. Yawn.

          I can’t say much about Joseph Seed the main antagonist, as I haven’t seem him much yet. I’ve heard good things about him but he needs a lot to outperform Vaas and Pagan Min.

          The cult serting is pretty fun tho, I enjoy it a lot. Let’s see where this is going from here on.


          My favorite was Blood Dragon, Probably because I’m not really into open world type games, as I usually get bored wandering around and never finish them.


          never played any of them… everytime i see someone playing it online, i’m kinda “meh”… and it looked like a game for kids (might be wrong ofc).

          But the one where the bad guy looks like jason momoa almost got my attention, but then I bought the witcher and never looked back.


          @Hazu Far Cry definitely are for younger teenagers imo. The story in FC3 with the Momoa looking villain is basically a group of american young adults go on a party vacation and end up on a standed island and the main character is such an obvious self insert character, like he’s a rich and handsome typical american ”I wanna be like him” guy who is super smart and athletic and popular etc. So basically a very bland dude but it works for younger teenagers.


          The only Far Cry with I guess more ”mature” and actually good story telling imo is FC4. But Far Cry games in general rely on two things which make the charm of the franchise: exciting open world which s full of fun things to discover, and a good written and likeable villain


            I really wanted to. I’ve been screwed by Screwbisoft one too many times however.

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