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    I’m New Here, Hi


    As am I, Hail Drunk 3Pee’oh


    I dozed off listening to FNT and instantly woke up when I heard they already took Parler off of the app stores.  Jeremy mentioned the forums so I came to sign up.  Real sign of the time when fandoms have to get into politics.


      I’m new, I came here to break up echo chamber. The High Rebooblick is the greatest idea of all time. Anyone who says otherwise is a MA’AM baby!


      Welcome to the party pal.


      im here to join the new new social bubble! yee yee!


      I joined because of Jeremy’s video about Parler as well. It was some of his best work in my opinion. It was very sobering to watch. We need to keep these channels and each other connected now more than ever.


      Hi All

      Just joined from the uk. We should have seen this coming. I’ve moved to signal and parlor and I am very happy to be here!!!!!! I hope you have the infrastructure to deal with this!!! I know the uk is not where everything is happening but you have the support of many here. I am poor and on sick benefit because of a bad leg and I look after sick pigeons but I will see if I can go premium….. need to look at the finances, but I want to support you people and hope if it ever gets this bad over here that you can help support us.


      New as of an hour or two ago. I guess I got sick of the endless sea of BS that is social media.


      I’m new. Glad to be here.


      Just joined today.


        I just became a Premium member.


        I’ve been with Geeks and Gamers since the first week or so. I don’t log in as often as I would like, but I’m going to make sure I spend more time here.


        Hi Drunk!!

        Just got started here, and thought this would be a good place to start!


        Im new.  I just joined.  I love watching Jeremys videos and just saw the one about Parlor.  I can’t believe how bad all this is getting.

      Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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