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      I started playing a couple of days ago since I bought a Founders Pack, but I was thinking about creating a G+G guild if there was enough people interested in playing. It’s free on Steam and officially launches today in about an hour. It’ll be on East NA, but I’ll let everyone know which server we’ll be on (I kinda forgot which one I joined 😅)

      Edit: I’m on Kharmine and have started a guild called Gamingwithgeeks. My Username is Synisterink

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      I admit I haven’t done my research on Lost Ark. I’d love a new MMO to get into, but of course lots of factors play a part in that. Primarily time and commitment on my part, and the fact that my core crew are spread out between WoW and FF14, and convincing them to break off for something new and untested is always a challenge.

      If I like what I see on research, decide I can put the time in (streaming so many games right now), and manage to pull my guildies together, I’d look forward to working with a G+G team.


        @Roas the best way I can describe it is that it kinda has a Diablo-ish type feel. It has an interesting system where you can level your character and your roster. Your roster is account wide, which is something is pretty cool since I guess they know that people tend to play different alts and whatnot.

        Here’s a video that gives a chunky breakdown of it if you’re interested in watching

        Dean Plankey

          I just started playing Saturday myself, I have to say that Im enjoying it so far, course I would start with the Gunslinger which has an interesting learning curve to it, but so far Im enjoying the hell out of it! So far I have to say one of the more interesting ARPG/MMO’s Ive played so far…


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          yup have my roomate and his wife playing and we got near 50th level taking time as there is a learning curve on some stuff

          its fun and not had a crash that wasnt my fault ergo didnt see a chat warning about a hotfix….games fun has tons to do and mechanics are pretty interesting for a top down , diablo 4 is gonna have to up the game …..if it ever comes.


          p.s. me and room mate both have 5 characters each and you allowed 6 i think….


          you can look me up on steam as chronoss2008



          I think Diablo IV is gonna be one of the best games in 2023.  Amazing combat, voice acting, and lore. Really couldn’t brag about this game enough.

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          Dean Plankey

            I also started with gunslinger for the mobility and interesting abilities

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