Anyone worried? (Global conflict/economy)


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      I’ve really tried to stray from being a “prepper” or buying into any of the fear with things going on in the world. The past month has pulled me into some pretty heavy concern. I’ve also been less excited about things than I used to be. I find myself just wanting to stock up and stay in my apartment on my weekends. I really only leave home to go to work. It’s looking more and more doomsday out there because of piss poor choices created by folks in government and their drones in the streets.

      I’ve sort of been prepping. Been getting some MREs stashed, extra water. Planning on going shopping for alotta rice and canned food to stock on. Is this going too far, and I’m just caught up in heavy depression and world events, or is any of this making sense to other people? I feel like the mileage I can get out of anything at this point is becoming pretty limited. There’s always some new tragedy or political move that just makes me doubt everything and hate the world more.

      It would probably do a wonder for my mental health if I just focused purely on work, gaming, and my cat. I would just feel unprepared for any coming issues if I ignored world events though. I live in Carson City, NV. It’s not really prime for any attacks during a conflict I suppose, but eventually, things getting worse with the economy would make it’s way here at some point or another. I’m not sure if I’m over overthinking this.

      It’s been rough since NYE weekend. Power was out for almost a week. Girlfriend broke up with me during said outage. I’ve had more consistent medical issues (I have some pretty consistent bone problems). My debt is gross. The cherry on top has just been all this global and economic crap going on right out the gate this year. Am I seeing all this through defeatism goggles or is there a level of concern I should be having right now?


      You’re not alone, many people are very concerned and taking precautions as well. But at the end of the day there’s only so much you can do so worrying about things you can’t control just wastes energy.

      Throughout history human beings have faced and made it though extremely challenging circumstances.

      Carry on, this too shall pass.




        “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

        Romans 12:12


        Start looking into growing something, possibly food-wise. Not only helps with food stocks but it also boosts your mentality.


        You are with friends. A lot of us are worried. You are not defeated though and you should always be prepared.

        Find a woman who actually understands your concerns, find a new living space, move out of any blue state is my recommendation, don’t let the fear control you either or else they elites win.

        I worry every day about what the next big war might be. I’m also optimistic too, I’m a positive guy that our government is working to rid itself of leftism and get back to tried and true American patriotism, apple pie, and the dream we share to obtain prosperity.


        I’m not gonna lie, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Even though I share half the mortgage with my brother in law, I have little saved up, and working at a job that I don’t know when it will put me out on the street, but I got good love from my fiancee and a good head on my shoulders and a firearm locked and loaded. It’s not a perfect life, but life always get better. It can also get worse too, but to be ready for worse is called being strong.


        Don’t let it control you, live your life. We may all be pushing daisies tomorrow, but at least we can enjoy what we have now. Keep pushing. Look for opportunities. Get healthy. We don’t all live forever, but we can live now.

        You got this, be prepped for our end of days or war. We all should be prepped, but don’t overdo it.

        Also literature requires no cables either. Get some books when the power goes out. I recommend Sherlock Holmes books, they’re classics. Or old comics too.


        Stay strong my friend, we got this and if we don’t, it’s been a good life and the Lord can take me any time, but I will fight until the bitter, painful, end.



          Here is the thing, you can “Prep” all you want, but if a true global conflict happens all the prepping in the world wont help, A Global Conflict would escalate to Nuclear War quickly and well. That ends badly for everyone.

          Your food stores will quickly be contaminated and rendered useless. Same with water. Then you have the survivors like yourself to worry about. Do you think it will be like a Hollywood Production? No they will just kill you and take what you have.

          Luckily the odds of a Nuclear War is next to nothing because even the crazy politicians know that.

          What you should be doing is simple; Saving your money, Paying off your debts, Teaching your kids to do the same and never giving them anything, make them earn it by doing choirs and if it breaks make them earn the cost to repair it by taking on more choirs. That is Prepping for the long term future.

          Short term, if you can grow your own Garden. Grow it with things that can be stored for a long period of time and that are actually Healthy.  Berries, Peppers, Onions Carrots, Broccoli, Celery, Herbs.  Learn to Hunt and Fish. Those can be stored for long periods of time as well.  When you do go to the store, buy HEALTHY foods (not organic, all that is is 15 to 20% more on your bill) Stay clear of of the Middle isles all they are is adding to your Bill as well.

          Let me address the “Organic crap more now” There is MILLIONS of Americans well in to their 90’s who ate just regular store bought stuff and are fine, hell they smoked and lived in houses with Lead pipes and Lead pain with Asbestos even “GASP THE HORROR”. Prepping should be about doing what you can for the long term of you and your family and lets face it Financial Security is the #1 most important thing to prepare for.

          Now growing your own Garden. Cost up front is something to take in to account. I have always had a Garden it was how I was raised so second nature to me. But that does not mean break the bank….

          First, pic Herbs that are either evergreen or perennial and use them as Landscaping around your house. Same with Berries and Grapes and fruit trees. As to the Garden, simple fence pickets to build your beds is cheap and last for up to 15 years, I know it is how I do my beds. Grow the things you can freeze or can (Canning is simple). Upfront cost for 10 (3×6)1o inch high beds is about 600.00 Plants you can either buy or grow from seed…. In all honesty buying is about the same price as growing yourself for some plants. If you buy them each year figure in 100 to 200 for them.

          Sounds like a lot I know, but stop and think about it. 1 Jalapeño plant can produce 200 peppers which is about 15 lbs at todays prices  is near 30 bucks with tax. Throw in say 6 raspberries which produce about 30 lbs at 48 bucks, you can see how quickly you can pay off your upfront cost and save money. Year 2 you are saving money! And by saving money I mean not just in fresh but in Frozen that keeps you saving through the year.

          Prep for your future and your kids future by teaching them to earn and save, do not worry about the world, worry about your family first and your community second and the world Last.


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