Apologize for hitting a Grand Slam

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    It is crap like this that makes me not want to watch sports anymore. His job is to hit the ball that is what he did, don’t want it to happen? Make better pitches.


    Unwritten rules = irrelevant, everyone should ignore them, AND NEVER APOLOGIZE!


    I’m not watching eight minutes of garbage sports to find out what the hell is going on and I don’t expect anything good from grown men who play with balls anyway.



    Lowest common denominator.

    Everyone gets a “participation” trophy.

    Time to cancel all those soy-boys.

    Time to cancel the playoffs and world series!



    HA-HA-HA-Ha, this is complete garbage.
    You’re supposed to help your opponent??

    I bet the real reason they are not happy with this is because the home run messed up the point spread.


    Goodness, I guess they forgot what the purpose of playing baseball is. Hey overpaid babies, your job on offense is to hit the damn ball where there is no fielder to catch it, and ether get on base, or round the bases after hitting a home run.

    Your job on defense is to make good pitches that the hitter can’t connect to, or make the hitter hit the ball where it lands in the glove of a defensive fielder.

    So what the hell was the guy supposed to do!? “Oh it was disrespectful”, THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! Your pitcher threw the ball in a spot where he had a good chance of hitting it, and he did. Bases loaded or not, DEAL WITH IT IF THE PITCH DIDN’T GET IN YOUR CATCHER’S GLOVE!

    The fact that the manager did reign in his players for that behavior, I put it on his feet. Hey, if your team sucks, DO BETTER NEXT TIME! Ya know, work on the fundamentals? Maybe change or tweak the way you play?

    You’ll never see that from teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Giants, A’s, even my Orioles. MLB teams get on hot streaks, then they get that one week where they can’t quite get it done that night.

    But ohhhh no, cry like a bitch because the opposing hitter connected for a grand slam on 3 and 0 and they’re winning. No wonder my wife can’t get into sports, especially in this sad day and age!!


    I never thought I’d say it, but I wish baseball would go back to taking steroids and not soy.


    This sort of weak bullshit starts with the everyone get’s a trophy bullshit in Little Leagues then starts spreading at the professional level.  Give me back the days when Pete Rose plowed over that catcher at home, in an allstar game.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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