Army Recruiting ads in America are a Joke!

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    I never thought I’d laugh my ass off and be pissed off at the same time. This is just sad.


    They WANT the us armed forces to be wimps, simps, and push-overs.

    They don’t want the us to be the protectors of civil rights and democracy in the world.

    They want the us to fail.



    The commies have won and never fired a shot.

    Just like the defector said would happen in 85.


    This video from 1969 fully explains it.



    the question is who is allowing this to happen ? I mean, doing this kind of stuff in hollywood is normal, but in the army? how the army got hijacked like this? this is so bad lol
    Where are all those real american badasses that the whole world knew? did they all got fired and replaced by weak dumb sjws with purple hair? This is so weird.


      @Hazu We did. The people. The entire populace.


      They’re trying to do that with the UK army ads too although I’ve yet to see them…and I’ve no plans on seeing them. It’s always the “Be the best” or “It’s a state of mind” ones that I’ve been seeing for years.


      Where are all those real american badasses that the whole world knew? did they all got fired and replaced by weak dumb sjws with purple hair? This is so weird.

      America treats their veterans like crap. If Homeland Security is marking them as possible terrorists, they probably end up homeless. Of course, not every veteran is gonna be worse off but I’ve seen too many former soldiers ending up as beggars that it’s made me glad I got disqualified from the MEPS and avoided the military.


        Showed this to my son… He laughed and said Day 1 out of boot in a real squad they will wish their momma’s never had them.


        Not enough diversity in the armed forces.

        Too much “Masculinity”.

        They needed more females (even at reducing the requirements) and they still can’t get their “quotas”.


        Besides, who wants to “serve and protect” a nation when the media and the dems vilify the armed forces, law enforcement, first responders.

        When veterans can’t get the help/aid they need.  Being homeless and without medical care, while illegal aliens/immigrants gets free food, clothing, shelter, medical care, etc.


        It is a disgrace.


        It’s unlikely for the US Army to get so utterly pozzed within such a short space of time – Which means it was already happening for a long time before Trump even took office. Now that he’s out of the White House, they’ve gone full mask-off.

        Imagine being a farmer in Yemen. Only thing worse than watching your family getting blown up is knowing the guy who did it is wearing a drag and yelling “TRANS RITES.


        thats a good point, i think you’re right… everything we’re witnessing now it was all planned long time ago… all these woke waves, protests, entertainment hijacked with extreme leftist agendas, schools, etc. It’s impossible this happened only within these few months. this was planned for years, and now they are executing it, because now they have full power, backed by Big Tech… which makes it almost impossible to fight back, specially with covid…


        @Hazu  That is why we have to elect people who are NOT woke, NOT toxic-leftist.

        We had to back people like Gina, and others who refuse to bend the knee to MOB-RULE.

        We have to let our wallets do the talking, and not support companies that are part of these agenda.

        Like they say “GO WOKE GO BROKE”.

        Do your part.

        And make sure they also don’t get bailouts, either.



        The Deep State has been orginizing this shit for 30+ years.


        @MrDragonbane that video I put in is 50+ years old.

        The planning of this destruction of the west began after WWII, and the start of the COLD WAR.

        How to destroy the free, democratic and capitalistic western civilization.

        We are now seeing their long-term planning happening in real time before our face.

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