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    This is why I have been so scarce.  Rarely do I even come online anymore.  I see what is coming and I have been making moves to get off grid.

    CCP have their claws in deep.  The Military is suppose to be the line in the sand against this, full stop.  And now they seem to be infested with the same sickness that has spread into our justice system, school systems and big tech.

    The enemy didn’t even have to use a single round, and people told everyone it was going to happen.

    At my point in life, I am old and did my time and paid my dues to live my life free.  (As free as one can in the modern world)

    The newer generations are failing their test.  No one is standing up to the bullies, and hence they are going to get steam rolled by men in other countries who did face their bullies and are ready for a fight.  America is weak, prideful, and arrogant.  They almost deserve what they are getting.  It just punishes to many innocent people.  Not worth the trade off.  Even tho I would love to see some blue check marks and Hollywood pricks suffer under their new Overlords.


    This GG.

    Did you see the new post I just made with Joe Brown?  IT is must watch.  The first 30 minutes is well worth it.  The world needs that right now.

    And the black community most certainly needs this leadership, if we are to have any chance at this to at the very least break apart and fight back from the ashes.



    At my point in life, I am old and did my time and paid my dues to live my life free. (As free as one can in the modern world)

    I envy you. Even though I believe I was born at the exact right time, I envy that most of your life was finished before the world became a dystopian comedy that sucks to be in.




    The Pentagon has been a cesspool of bullshit since before my grandfather retired in 74. They have just been keeping it under wraps to pretend they were behind the troops.

    They are not. They are owned just like the rest of the Deep State.


    Just remember Captian_Cronos  They can only do, what you allow them to do.  Remember they have to put in that work too.  And most folks just are not willing to give up their lives on many things anymore.  So anytime the US government uses fear, remember that which I told you.  Which I am sure you are living now.  It is just not enough of the youth who will stand with you.   It can feel very lonely in that sense, and I wish I had better news for you.


    To quote the retired Colonel that was a guest on the Timcast IRL show who’s name I can not remember, the Army is about the best of the best not come and play. The problem with the armies of the West is that people think it is like a game of laser tag and anyone can just come in fire a gun, and they won’t lose a limb or their life in the line of duty.

    I want the people who protect my country to take things more seriously and understand that being a solider isn’t some first part time job for some teenager that wants money to buy an Xbox instead of relying on mom and dad to buy it for them with their money. Being in the army is about shedding blood, sweat and tears both literally and figuratively.

    Anyone should be able to join but also that anyone has to know what they are doing and are willing to commit even if it means they’ll have to make the biggest sacrifice to go further in the army.

    I wish the army would stop lowering their standards so much and acting like they are casting diverse characters in a made up TV show, they are dealing with real Human lives both the people serving and the people in the country their soldiers protect. If they recruit people who just join the army to have empowerment or employment rather than duty to one’s country ready to make the ultimate sacrifice……we in the West are doomed for invasion.


    The saw how the media was presented army operations during “DESERT STORM”, and it played out exactly like a video game.

    And they thought this is how the army works.

    The idea they have to be physically fit, run around with heavy packs of equipment, be in inhospitable climates/situations, etc.

    OH, but I want to be in a nice air-conditioned room thousands of miles from the front lines, using my joystick to send bombs onto targets.

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