Article : And these people called us It’s and Ism’s not long ago…

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    Article speaks for itself. This is one of the SAME sites that were calling us Ist’s and Ism’s, or “far right”, for saying these same things not long ago.



    Hypocrisy at it’s finest.


    I’m not a Star Wars guy, but even I know that Disney didn’t go with George Lucas’s ideas for the sequel trilogy because I saw an interview in which he explained that they went a different route. The article blames George Lucas for a “lack of planning.” No need to past that because it’s not a fair article.


    well DUH!

    Lucasfilm’s biggest mistake with the Star Wars sequel trilogy was an overall lack of planning and forethought. George Lucas has always liked to claim he had the entire Star Wars saga planned out from the start. Of course, that’s something of an exaggeration; there’s abundant evidence he was essentially making it up as he went along, and frankly there’s no shame in doing so. Darth Vader had a completely different backstory before he was retconned into being Luke’s father, and Lucas only hit upon that idea when working on the second draft of The Empire Strikes Back.

    George Lucas always had an outline for all NINE films.  The finer details was left to be filled in.

    Any writer who uses an outline before doing any story, knows this!

    How to get from point A to point Z, with us going thru points E, M, T.

    This whole “no plan” is on one person, and ONE PERSON ONLY.  KK!

    She was in charge of all of Lucasfilm.

    If she was making a trilogy, then knowing what all three stories are IS A MUST OF THE JOB!

    The MCU had a plan.

    Disney star wars’s only plan was to milk it (cash cow) for all it was worth.


    God, I’m so tired of these people.

    But, lol, this article, intentionally or not, basically asserts what I’ve been thinking: That JJ Abrams and his mystery box bullshit is what ended up dooming the sequel trilogy from the beginning. The Force Awakens wasn’t terrible, but it failed to strike a chord with me and I had to wonder what people were getting so hyped up over. “Mystery box” seems more like an excuse to be lazy and not actually explain anything.


    NOT-Lucasfilm lost my interest when they shitcanned the EU and my favorite character; Mara.

    NOT-Lucasfilm then retconned known history with not only their retarded as fuck 4.5 reboot but with the followup 3.75 where they changed the history of the time between the end of the 3rd film and the start of the 4th.

    Lukes son was named Ben; Han wouldnt name a kid after the dude he had less than a weeks worth of interactions with. Leia never knew of Kenobi as Ben so she wouldnt choose the name either. MaRay Sue was clearly supposed to have been a bad clone of Jaina; then good ol Ruin roundhead fucked that all up with you are a nobody… NO YOU IGNORANT FUCK SHE IS YOUR TWIN.

    Kyle Katarn located the DS plans. The deathstar was not tested on two planets prior to Alderann.

    The Rat franchise does not exist. Their only purpose in life is target practice with a shotgun.

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