Asshole insults me for my profile picture

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    Someone in the G+G Facebook group insulted me based solely on my profile picture when I was trying to explain to him that Doomcock presents news he can’t independently verify as fact, and says they’re rumors, meaning they may or may not be true, but this guy just won’t listen, and then he goes and does this.



    man up


      I don’t touch Twitter or Facebook but with that said the whole thing is so childish it’s just something to move on with. Really not worth thinking about in my opinion.


      You made a topic for just this? I really hope you’re below the age of 14 because this is really pathetic.


        SMFH… Suck it up buttercup. Bet you have history and this was a calling out and now your butthurt.


        A SJW, who has no counter argument then tries to cover up their inadequacy by attack someone on a personal level is that standard MO.

        Without know what lead to this, CH’s reference is funny on the surface, but did not add to the conversation.  And in fact only caused more division.



        Pfft, don’t let it bother you. Resorting to attacking your choice of an avatar is basic bitch name-calling – It means they don’t have an argument. Ignore him or make fun of him, but either way, move on.


        I don’t don’t get it? This kinda petty.


        I don’t don’t get it? This kinda petty.

          The avatar is from the two characters from Frozen, and their big song in that film was “Let It Go”.


        Just ignore them If they bring it up, like whatever you want to like. Also remember you’ll encounter many people like that over FB/Instagram and twitter.


        I wouldn’t even call that an insult. You are way too sensitive for the internet  if such an innocuous joke leads you to start a thread on the forums, calling the guy an asshole.   I don’t what words the two of you exchanged prior to what you showed here, but even with only your side of the story being presented, you come across as the person who is in the wrong here.


          Just because I was curious…. No didn’t go look for the conversation though I could.


          I believe you broke the 1st rule.  DON’T BE A DICK


          So both broke rule#1?




            So both broke rule#1

            No clue as we were not shown the entire conversation, the history to what brought it up, the OP apparently forgot to add context for us to see the whole picture. So I would say, only the OP broke the rule. BUTTHURT ALERT

          Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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