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    Who’s been watching? :)


    I take it upon myself to be the thunder cloud in the room and rain on the love fest for what was once a good series….so….


    Not bothering with a series that went wildly off the tracks as soon as the time skip happened, ie. the current season. I was on board SIX years ago when the anime started, and I moved the manga when the episodes hit the source material wall. Everything was fine until the time skip. Then what happens?

    We get endless chapters of characters we don’t care about and who are terrible. We get mind numbing flashbacks of backstory that is terrible and brain stabbingly boring about characters we don’t give two drippy shits about.

    And what happens when we finally get back to characters we know? They are also now terrible and increasingly unlikable, except for Levi, and we know what they do to him. Then the endless whining and crying of  “Eren! What are you doing? Why are you doing this?” And when we get his reasoning….absolutely stupid.

    So nope. Sorry. You can take AoT and put it on the shelf and forget about it as far as I’m concerned.

    I walked away a year ago, and I ain’t going back. I’d rather watch and read more One Piece. At least I’m never disappointed with its over the top, zany insanity.


      Read the Manga for a bit. Couldn’t get into it. So i kinda dropped out of it. But It seems be very popular with people nowadays. Glad you’re into it!


      Haven’t watched the final season yet, but I’ve read the manga. I gotta admit the quality dropped after the reveal in the basement. The Return to Shiganshina arc felt like the end for me, and as Erwin was one of my favorite characters, after his story came to a conclusion I struggled a bit to find a new character who could carry the show for me. Well, Eren has taken some positive steps and becoming an interesting character now, that’s good at least.

      But yeah season 1-3.5 I ansolutely loved, probably my second favorite anime


      I’ve seen Attack on Titan and oh boy I’ve enjoyed it. Isaysma has successed where JJ Abrams has failed.

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      Krista catch up so you can come one our podcast!


      I’ll try my best! I’m almost done season 1!!!


      I have been reading and watching and its fantastic. Watching all animated and stuff is just awesome. Story and characters are so well done. So far they have been adapting faithfully, but last season seems kinda short and there is still a lot to adapt… I hope they finish it with a movie or something.


      In my opinion, Attack on Titan starts rapidly droping in various aspects in terms of quality right after it hit the very peak of quality and, regrettably, what the anime’s going through right now is some of what I would consider the low points.


      My cousin forced me to watch Attack on Titan the first episode and when it got to the part where….the titan picked up Erin’s mom…….and…..



      …….I was literally freaked out after and considered going vegetarian afterward because that scene was so fucked up. I am not kidding I couldn’t eat meat for a week after seeing that scene cause it made me wonder….was I eating some poor cow’s family member.


      I was literally freaked out after and considered going vegetarian afterward because that scene was so fucked up. I am not kidding I couldn’t eat meat for a week after seeing that scene cause it made me wonder….was I eating some poor cow’s family member.


      AoT can be a fucked up show to watch, but to not want to eat meat because of it?

      Their cows, dude…cows…they exist to be eaten. To sustain humanity. Without ingesting meat, the human brain would not have evolved.

      Dude….cows exist to be eaten…they are livestock. I lived on a cattle ranch off and on in my life. I named cows and bulls, but they are not human beings…they are literally dumb animals that don’t even have the ability to comprehend the bonds of family. I’ve seen cows abandon their calves and if sloppily done seen cows integrated into a herd where their sire bull still reigns and get F’d by said bull.

      Life is not a Disney movie where animals think like we do.



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      i don’t want to go off-topic here, we could discuss veganism and stuff like that in other topic, but I just wanna say it ain’t that simple. Right now what the big food industries are doing is 100% slaughter. It shouldn’t be like that… It should be controlled, controlled farming, just for sustainability. But those industries and big corporations lie, they put sustainable labels on their products just to trick the customer, in fact they all do animal slaughter. There are plenty of documentaries about it.  I recommend, for example, watching “Seaspiracy” and “Dominion” (if you are able to watch hardcore images of hundreds of animals being slaughtered…).
      The result is a lot of species going extinct, less and less fishes, huge lack of carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption that results in “global warming”. It’s not about fucking plastic straws, it’s not about family farms, it’s not about green energy and all that political bs. It’s about big corporations abusing their power and slaughter thousands of animals everyday for profit, and half of those animals are thrown into the garbage because they don’t have enough space or they’re the wrong specie, etc. The problem of the garbage in the sea is not plastic straws, is the fishing nets that their industries use all the time to slaughter all kind of fishes (whales, sharks, dolphins, etc.).

      So if some day I go vegan, is not for those weird hashtags and it’s not because I don’t want to kill a cow or a fish. It’s because I’m against any kind of slaughter.

      Oh well. :)


      So I have been trying to binge watch AoT because of the final season but I’m about…3 or four episodes into Season 3 because I noticed that it starts to slowly get into the political side of things.  The soundtrack is great, and I actually like some of the openings even though I own the single to the first season (both openings).  I won’t go into too much detail to ruin it for Krista but I will say this.  Season 2 drags, but season three is where things start to get good.  Arguably…I would say that my favorite characters are Mikasa and Capt. Levi (my little brother likes Levi).  After season one, I slowly began to understand some of the characters but one that I was curious about later on…was Christa.  Now…when they start going off a bit about the lack of meat…I wasn’t entirely surprised…but after seeing some of the Titans eat the humans…I’ll say this much: I’ve studied anatomy and biology, I’ve handled medical records in hospitals and I’ve seen some gross disgusting shxt that most people would hurl at.  Gore and vore…nothing new for me. However…I will say that I consider myself the opposite of vegans.  I won’t always eat just meat…but I do also like my vegetables with it. So…an omnivore I am.

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      The author regretted the ending. I thought it wasn’t a great ending but not too angry with it.Jean is my favourite character.


        I’m a little late to the party (ok maybe very late 😅), but i finally got around to watching Attack On Titan, and i loved it 🤩🤩🤩

        The story’s intriguing, and emotional, and full of suspense, i finished all available seasons in just over 2 weeks, and in those 2 weeks i got so invested and grew to care for the characters and even relate to them. I probably enjoyed season 3 the most, i’ll also say that the first few episodes of final season were my least favorite, i still did find them interesting, but i couldn’t wait for the stories of my fav characters to pick up again, and now i can’t wait for final season part 2 and to get my hands on the manga!

        Favorite characters: Levi, Eren, and Sasha

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