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    The extremely toxic far alt-left are continuing their attack against religious beliefs.

    They want it that one is NOT allowed to live with religious beliefs except in your home/closet.

    Here are two examples of that:


    Supreme Court to hear Colorado clash over LGBTQ rights and religious liberty

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday said it will take up the case of a Colorado web designer who is opposed to creating wedding websites for same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs, in the latest clash to come before the court involving claims of religious liberty and state laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

    Why this case?

    The court said in a brief order on its decision to wade into the dispute that it will decide the question of “whether applying a public-accommodation law to compel an artist to speak or stay silent violates the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.”

    What is it about?

    The case is the latest in a series of disputes that raise the question of whether a business owner can refuse service to LGBTQ customers because of their religious beliefs, based on the argument that anti-discrimination laws force her to create speech — by designing a website — that violates her conscience.

    But the toxic left only wants NPC’s, not people of conscience.

    The Supreme Court in 2018 sided with a Colorado baker who was sued after he refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, but did not address in its decision whether a business can deny service to LGBTQ people.


    …lawyers for (the plantiff) told the court that until it steps in and recognizes the “sharp line between status discrimination on the one hand, and message-based or participation declinations on the other,” government officials will “harm those with opposing views, activists will continue to file (and re-file) cases designed to target those with deeply held religious beliefs, and courts will continue to face harassing litigation that lasts years on end.”

    Well that is their end goal.  To force people to give up their religious beliefs and subvert to their cult.  Never ending attack on the righteous.


    U.S. Supreme Court Spurns Bid for Religious Opt-Out From Vaccine Rule

    The U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider requiring that government-imposed Covid-19 vaccine mandates include religious exemptions, turning away an appeal by a group of Maine health-care workers.


    The justices left intact a federal appeals court decision letting Maine fully enforce its shot requirement for workers in licensed health-care facilities. Maine is one of three states, along with New York and Rhode Island, that require vaccination of health-care workers and allow exemptions only for medical reasons.

    Soon, I can see that ALL aspects of life will be only for the non-religious.

    Although the Supreme Court has limited the federal government’s power to require Covid shots or tests, the justices have allowed state and local mandates, even without religious exemptions.

    That makes no sense.  The feds can tell states and local government to make the mandates, and it is OK, just so long as the feds don’t it it themselves?

    The group, which includes one employer, said in court papers that Maine is violating the Constitution as well as a federal civil rights law that bars religious discrimination in the workplace.

    “Maine’s categorical denial of religious exemptions for health-care workers who have bravely served as heroes for the last 18 months is an extreme outlier among the states,” the challengers argued.

    So long as you are useful to them, no problem, but once their agenda for TOTAL commitment to their extremely toxic far alt-left gets in the way, you are no longer the heroes, but the villains!  (just like the truckers – see other threat on those).



      The first commandment given to us by God happens to also be the first commandment of the state.

      “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”


      To destroy the structure of the west which has some cornerstones made of Christianity, they must break those foundations, such as: the family, love of God, individual responsibility, love for one another. All things that deter you from fearing and obeying the state.



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      I think if you oppose gay people because of religion then you are on some dumb shit



      I don’t know of any religious people that outright hate gay people (except for the few weirdos out there), they just believe that homosexuality is a sin (which although I disagree with that, people can believe whatever they want.) And considering that Christianity teaches to forgive sinners, and that Jesus taught to love thy neighbor as thyself, I feel like most Christians wouldn’t just completely despise gay people. I’m agnostic, but I grew up in the Catholic Church, and I never saw anything along the lines of opposing gay people entirely


      A couple of thoughts:

      1. If they can make a web designer create a web site for a gay wedding even if the designer does not want to, then what kind of power does that give them? Will they, for example, start requiring writers to include gay relationships in their stories? Is that too great a leap in their logic?

      2. Opposition is not oppression. It is one thing to say “What you’re doing is wrong”, which is what Christians say to homosexuals and anyone else who practices and supports sexually immoral acts, and to say “What you’re saying should be silenced and you should be forced to agree with us”, which is what the homosexuals are saying to the Christians and anyone else who disagrees with them.


      To force someone to do anything against their will is Blackmail, Coercion, Slavery.

      That is what the extreme toxic far alt-left want.  Complete totalitarian power over others.  No free will, no free speech, no free thought, no free opinion, no morals, no principles, no values, etc.

      This is what the soviets and nazi and CCP all did/do.  And this is that the extreme toxic far alt-left want here.


      And it is WRONG on so many levels.


      In the example of the web designer, they are NOT a monopoly.  There are lots of others business and individuals who CAN do that for them.  It is the choice of the business if they want to NOT accept certain orders.  That is something that is done all the time in the business world.  If an order is too small, to complicated, not enough staffing, etc.

      The only crime here is that the business wants to be open and honest in that they only want to do heterosexual wedding sites that agrees with their religious beliefs.  And it IS their religious beliefs that are being attacked here.


        Christians nor Catholics (I am Catholic in full transparency) hate anyone.  Yes the Bible says homosexual acts are wrong.  But Jesus himself came to save the sinners.  Everyone has a chance and redemption.  Everyone has a cross to bear.

        The left LOVES to use this very thing as a wedge, to separate people from God because God gets in the way of state control.  The truth is gay folks are no different in God’s eyes than anyone else.  We all make mistakes, we all are called to holiness, we all are offered mercy.

        Yes, gay people are supposed to abstain from sexual acts with the same sex but then all people are called to abstain in one fashion or another.  It is not right for anyone to give way to their passions, wants or inclinations.  All people are equal in that.


        At this point basically people need to calm down and have a talk about which elements of society should have a leeway for religious beliefs and which are an absolute nono in regards to applying it.


        In my opinion, marriage-related services could have a ‘religion clause’, but in most democracies nowadays there’s an explicit ‘no discrimination on the basis of (sex/gender/orientation/race)’.

        To an extent, same might apply to places where people are publicly nude for whatever reason (while I have no idea why you’d choose to take a kid out to a spot where there are nude strangers of any sex, this would help avoid events like the legendary spa incident – parents would know exactly which such centers were trans-friendly and which were purely birth-sex-separated)


        At the same time, I’d absolutely be unable to justify someone firing an otherwise exemplary worker based on orientation or denying someone service at a restaurant because they came in with a same sex partner. Such a ‘religious clause’ could only apply to very specific services.

        Sadly, this means social media would also polarize, because it grants full legitimacy to such services banning conservatives who are too discriminatory in their beliefs (because it’s up to the company itself to define terms of service and because discrimination is to be frowned upon).


          Regardless of who you are, asking or even demanding tolerance and understanding and being totally unwilling to give any is not only hypocrisy but it reveals that your calls for tolerance are disingenuous.


          I used to strongly oppose the pride month and stuff like that, and I still am not a fan of them but since joining this forum I’ve understood that as long as there are bible thumpers, there is a reason to have these events. I find it funny how the people who are self proclaimed ”free thinkers” are the same people who oppose gay people and see it as a sin because ”uuhhhh well the bible said so, idk it must be like that”. I guess I will never find common ground with people who see humans as unequal based on gender, skin color, sexuality etc.

          And I’m not targeting anyone out of you here, I mean the more radical bible thumpers. Those of you who have been on this forum for a bit longer might remember the users NikoBellic and DragonBane or whatever the crazy cowboy’s username was. They are a part of this group I am talking about, but they disappeared suddenly from here. My bet is that they are either in jail or at a mental hospital.



            “bible thumpers”

            See, you are not above the issues sir.  You are part of the problem.

            You declare fairness must be had that there must be equality, yet you are unwilling to render any.

            As has been stated by multiple followers of Christ on this forum, no one is against gay people yet you continue to spout that very thing.  In fact we believe they are as God made them. We are told by scripture that the sexual activity is wrong.  And it’s not the case that this is the only thing that is stated as being a sin yet folks like yourself act like it is.  There are many things folks do for themselves each day considered sin.  Many of them illegal since much of wester law is derived from the morality of the Bible.

            God gives us all freewill.  You can follow him or choose to give him the finger.  What we are not supposed to do is make that choice for others.  As a Christian I believe if you want to live the gay lifestyle you can, but I fear for your soul (the same fear I have for mine as none of us are perfect) but I won’t try to cancel you because you do.  Your life is yours to live.  However, that same choice is not afforded me by the radical left who attempts to force me to accept their beliefs.

            See here is the contrast between the radical left stuff and Christianity. Both are religions.  Both have concepts such as original sin and sin itself.  The difference is Christianity has absolution.


            EDIT – @SuperSoynic_Speed , please understand I consider our banter conversations where we both have the opportunity to learn something.  I am not at all trying to be combative or fight you.  My zeal is for the conversation, it is not aggression.

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            From Wikipedia:

            The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies … must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity” and that “every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.”[12] The Church opposes criminal penalties against homosexuality.[15] The Catholic Church requires those who are attracted to people of the same (or opposite) sex to practice chastity, because it teaches that sexuality should only be practiced within marriage, which includes chaste sex as permanent, procreative, heterosexual, and monogamous.


            –I find it funny how the people who are self proclaimed ”free thinkers” are the same people who oppose gay people and see it as a sin because ”uuhhhh well the bible said so, idk it must be like that”.

            I don’t know whether I’m what anyone would term a “free thinker” or not, nor does it really matter; however, what the Bible says does matter. If the God who created us has spoken to us, and if he has told us how we should and should not act, then that is a big deal.

            — I guess I will never find common ground with people who see humans as unequal based on gender, skin color, sexuality etc.

            If there is one way people are equal, it is that all people, all individuals, have broken God’s laws. To put it the way the Bible itself puts it, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. All are guilty, and all deserve the punishment, “The wages of sin is death”.

            Self-righteousness, which is little more than pride, should have no root in the Christian. But, then, the Christian is still fallen, and still fights the sin in them, including pride. But saying the certain acts are sinful is not in itself self-righteousness or pride. Am I necessarily self-righteous if I say that murder is wrong? Am I prideful if I say that a man is wrong if he cheats on his wife? What about all the people walking into stores and stealing and looting, is it wrong to say that stealing is wrong?

            There is one other way we are all equal, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”. Saul, the man who became Paul the Apostle, was first a man who persecuted the church, having believers put into prisons. Peter denied Christ. At the betrayal and trial and crucifixion of Christ, the disciples fled. They did nothing to earn the forgiveness Christ gave them, and nor can any of us. I certainly can’t. My sins often run through my mind, haunting me.

            If forgiveness and salvation are things to be earned, then we all fail. And there is no curve, there is no pointing at others and saying I or my group is better than they are. Unless God saves us by a gift, by giving us what we cannot earn, then we are lost. But that is how God saves us, “By grace you have been saved through faith, it is the gift of God, not something you gain from your works.”

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