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    Babylon 5 Reboot Will Change The Show’s Story For The CW


    Just read this article regarding changes to the story of Babylon 5 in the CW Remake….

    I’m a more recent fan of Babylon 5, I watched it 10 years ago for the first time than I bought the complete box set this year.

    It’s a fantastic show, people complain about the dated visuals but it didn’t bother me the second time, I was so focused on the character and story development to care.

    The Crusade spin off was ok but I didn’t care much for the movie’s.

    The idea that the original creator J. Michael Straczynski is going to make changes concerns me, so much culture has been obliterated these past 10 years, I really hope these changes aren’t anything like race or gender swapping, Londo and Shakar storyline is fantastic please to screw that up.

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    Considering his original idea was the WHOLE show was gonna revolve around Commander Jeffrey Sinclair, but the actor Michael O’Hare had to leave after the first season due to serious mental health issues.

    While I loved the original run of Babylon 5, I would sure have liked to see how the series would have be written if Michael O’Hare was there for the full run.




    Despite the original issues they still managed to hold it together.

    If the original story was more cohesive I’d be interested too but I’m sure you can understand my concerns.

    Do you know if the Creater has control of the project?

    I really do hope this works out, especially after we’ve lost Star Wars and Star Trek.



    I really do hope this works out, especially after we’ve lost Star Wars and Star Trek.


    We haven’t lost Star Wars.

    There’s that pesky thing called the EU Disney continually pillages for ideas, and when people discover it they fall in love.



    I suppose your right, all that’s left I care about is the Dark Forces games, Jedi Knight & Kotor games.

    They are coming for those eventually, I don’t understand why people are excited for a Kotor remake.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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