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      I really love the 1992 to 1995 Batman: The Animated Series .I feel the 1992 to 1995 Batman The Animated Series is the best Batman series of all time .Kevin Conroy did an very awesome job voicing Batman & Bruce Wayne. The series made some of most awesome episodes of any Batman Series. An Episode call Heart of Ice .Give an very cool backstory of Mr. Freeze. I really love how all of the character are portrayed very well. The best voice actors worked on this series.

      Do you have an favorite episodes of the Batman: The Animated Series ? Do you feel the 1992 to 1995  Batman: Animated Series is the best Batman series of all time?

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      Batman: The Animated Series i a fantastic show. It’s the definitive version of Batman and his mythos. It never dumbed down anything for kids and handled itself with mature storytelling and excellent animation. Everyone is perfectly cast and not just Batman and the Joker. There’s Efram Zimbalist Jr as Alfred, Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon, Loren Lester as Robin, Melissa Gilbert as Batgirl, Richard Moll as Two-Face, Paul Williams as Penguin, Adrienne Barbeau as Catwoman, John Glover as the Riddler, David Warner as Ra’s al Ghul, etc. There’s too many to list. It improved upon its source material in many ways such as with character like Mr. Freeze and the Mad Hatter. Batman goes beyond quality  and is definitely one of the greatest shows of all time, not just animated show, one of the best SHOWS of all time.

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      One of the best cartoons ever made: The artwork, animation and sound are all top-notch and have aged really well. It was made to last.

      Not to mention it spawned the DC Animated Universe, with great follow-ups like Superman, Batman Beyond and Justice League. I think Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett and Paul Dini secured themselves as icons within the industry as they had huge respect for what came before them and refined it into something anyone could enjoy (if you’ve listened to any of their interviews you know how inspired they were by Jack Kirby: A legend in his own right). I also personally love Bruce Timm’s artstyle with its mid-20th century aesthetic – It feels very cross-generational and shows how timeless these heroes really are.

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      One of the things I was surprised with, then they did one of those “10 things you did not know about…”


      Batman: The Animated Series, for the longest time the Title of the Show was NEVER actually done in the show.

      Look again at the opening credits.  There is no “BATMAN” spelled out.

      We see the Batman doing what Batman does.  But the words “BATMAN” is nowhere to be seen.

      That was how well the show was.

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      It was a great show.

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