Batman vs James Bond who wins?

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    Who would win in a fight between Batman and James Bond?

    I ask this question and it is likely gonna cause a war between the North American and UK members of Geeks and Gamers. So everyone brace yourselves it is gonna be the America vs England War 2 because I pitted the greatest hero of England vs the greatest hero of America; James Bond vs Batman.

    I am gonna say it, Batman would kick James Bond’s ass and kick his ass so hard that James Bond would be speaking with a New Jersey accent afterward and not be suave of sophisticated lol jk 😂😀

    Batman fights people that range from normal non powered street thugs to God like beings like Darkseid while James Bond fights normal people and the closet thing to a metahuman James Bond fought was Jaws and that is it.

    If Batman can beat Superman and the Justice League then he could beat James Bond.

    If James Bond lived in the DC universe he’d be like a boyscout fighting a trained ex-military adult man that turned into a free lance mercenary.

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