Beautiful Venezuelan Actress Warns America

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    As a Canadian, you should really shut up.  You only exist because of the protection the United States provides for you.  I promise you that.  Furthermore, your comment is nonsense.  I can look at ANY culture and find shameful things in them.  Would you like to me discuss the Genocide in Africa, the blood rituals of South America, the slavery in Islamic nations, the barbarism of Asian nations?  I can easily do it.

    You have a second-grade education by the looks of things.  I suggest you actually study instead of self-educating yourself because you are failing.  I have family members who live in Canada.  Your culture is not a utopia and stop misleading people into thinking it is and again, you ONLY EXIST because guess who is defending you?  It sure as hell isnt your military.  Your analysis is offensive, juvenile, and simply wrong.

    You can prove me wrong though.  Travel the world as I have.  Go see the blood drains in Dubai.  I can literally tell you where to go.  Go see the slave markets in Africa.  I have a friend who can literally drive you to them.  Go visit the concentration camps outside of Bejing.  Go see the rape gangs of South America.  Get off a gamer website and travel because frankly, you dont know your head from a hole in the ground.


    Oh, I don’t disagree all cultures have something shameful, and I’ll gladly point at my own. Canada’s flaws should be a lesson to all countries who don’t provide equal rights to all their citizens. The way Canada treated the French population after the conquest, and the way it treated First Nations, both these stains remain problematic to this day. They have undermined Canadian unity and continue to cause strife and dissent among us. It’s not necessarily widely publicized or known outside of our borders, but these things happened and they should be addressed.

    If I can look at my own country and criticize it, I don’t think any there country should be immune to critical examination.


    That woman is absolutely right.  Good post.


    +1 to the actress



    I first saw this video last week and also watched an appearance she made on TV. Since then, I’ve watched it a couple more times. It needs to be circulated more, to include being played on all major media outlets and news shows, but we know how that goes. The similarities she makes between Venezuela and what we’re seeing in the U.S. today are uncanny. Listen to this woman’s words. Heed her warnings.

    There’s a reason certain people use terms like “deep rooted racism” and “systemic racism” to describe the state of the U.S. It’s because they can’t actually prove that widespread racism is a true problem here, so they have to make up catch-all buzzwords to push a false narrative.

    Sorry, but if you don’t live in the U.S., I hold very little regard for your analysis of how we live our lives, our history, or what you think we need to do to fix ourselves.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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