Because Of Sweet Baby Inc Good Games By Good people will fail

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    Because Of Sweet Baby Inc Games Like Tales Of Kenzera Zau Will.
    Fail I absolutely hate the state of video games today.
    We have activists that have completely ruined the experience of EVERYBODY & NOBODY is playing the games that get ruined by the likes of Sweet Baby Inc. I have been hyped for a game called Tales Of Kenzera Zau that was revealed last summer & it’s finally coming out in a month. I will be buying the game because I like the look & idea behind the game. What I don’t like however is that the game has been touched Sweet Baby Inc. Thus getting it put on the Sweet Baby Inc Detected Curator page. What this means is that the game is most certain to fail JUST because of SBI. I 100% understand why people do this & I support them for protesting the agenda.

    But things are a bit complicated because based on everything I have seen & my interactions with Tales Of Kenzera Zau’s creator Abubakar Salim, I do not think he was aware of Sweet Baby Inc’s behavior & history. SBI did not work on the game, the screenshot from SBI did not give any indication of what they did on the game & they are open about what they worked on. Abubakar is an African man, he made a game about his African culture & the mythology of Africa.
    He also made the game to honor his father. So tell me, what narrative could these French Canadians, black, white, whatever, what could they teach him about blackness, being African or his culture, what can they “Enlighten” him on or about? NOTHING. I think all they did was help him get seen & published by EA. Further evidence of his cutting ties (to an extent) is that if you go to the Sweet Baby Inc website, his game is not listed & they scrubbed all existence of Tales Of Kenzera Zau. I checked other sites like ICO that is another SBI company, no traces. I have also communicated with Abubakar & got his permission to publish our short communication history.

    I want this game to succeed & hopefully that will get other games devs to see that we do want diversity in games, but we do not want agendas & activists to harass, attack & slander us. I am playing a game called WANTED:DEAD & it is incredibly diverse & the game is so fun & there is no brow beating or activism going on. I did not talk about all the evil that has been happening such as the Corporate bullying & harassments & threats of violence & attempts at doxing & most recently the lawsuit threats for people that discuss the evil. I did not want their evil energy any more on me, but I recommend you guys check out a friend of the channel, that has been speaking more on the details in a very balanced & level head,  @saladinho1st  Lastly, I am a Montreal Canadian & most of the big players on the Activist’s side have blocked me including Kim who is the owner of Sweet Baby Inc, Alyssa Mercan’t & a bunch of other Corporate bullies have blocked me. It is dangerous for my future to discuss them because they are aware of me & they keep tabs on who they consider their enemies & all I did was call them Corporate bullies that are now protected by the Canadian Government. If you are protected by the government, you are already on the wrong side. There are also lists going around to get people blacklisted so they do not work in the entertainment & gaming industry & that is pure evil & is 100% corporate bullying.

    Things  are  already crazy & every day we see something new & absurd like they now want to ban Review channels?! WTH, they want 100% censorship & they think they are the good guys lol.
    Thank you for watching & reading.



      Really good points, I have not considered it this way.  It’s like when a company people dislike goes under, they cheer.  I understand that reaction but that means folks who might not be activists have lost their jobs.

      I actually don’t think it’s complex.  In fact the more I ponder things people say are complex, the more I come to the conclusion it’s not. Many societal issues have black and white answers but people turn it into grey when they don’t like those black or white options and then they call it complex.

      I think most everyone has fallen into a mindset of othering.  This is something the radical left has poisoned society with for decades.   We should not look at a company and consider it a building, it’s people, individuals.  We should not look at a game and blindly call  for a fail or pass because that too affects individuals.

      I don’t believe anyone should be telling anyone else whether to support or boycott something.  Personally, I feel everyone should make up their own minds while keeping the actual individuals in mind and do as they see fit.  However those chips fall, is however they fall.

      My take on it based on your thought process.


      I have been watching videos on Sweet Baby Inc & the like & even though every day, something new would come out. Some new person was either exposed or they openly came out & said F You to the consumer & the fan base. It was all getting tiresome. Then I saw Zau on the curator list & I was “Damn, the game I was exited about.” So I started looking into the game & the devs behind it. The more I looked, the more I felt bad about the game. I haven’t found anything bad like all the other racist activists we have heard from. Also his game was removed from the SBI site  a while ago. I saw  his game getting roasted  & Abubakar, the creator of the  game, was always polite or ignored the comments bashing his “Woke SBI game”
      I came to the  conclusion that he likely did not know about Sweet Baby Inc’s terrible  behavior but once he found out, he disassociated himself from them. But the damage was done. I felt bad for him because now, even though his game could sell some copies, it could never reach the potential if he hadn’t worked with SBI.
      SBI doesn’t just do writing & narrative & whatever else they did with Suicide Squat, they also help devs get their games seen by publishers & that is what I believe happened with Tales Of Kenzera.
      Regarding Boycotting, I believe as consumers we have the right to boycott companies that are in direct opposition to actual progress & if they are against the consumer, in the way these terrible companies are. Because in the long run, they end up hurting other companies & they “Infect” other companies against the consumer so we end up with terrible products that nobody wants & they do it on purpose because it’s all just so funny to them.
      We should also help out the ones caught in the crossfires because it shows them there is a market for their GOOD  product & they won’t go the route of ESG Black Rock money.

      There is a thought I had, but I’ll make a separate discussion thread for it.


        I felt bad for him because now, even though his game could sell some copies, it could never reach the potential if he hadn’t worked with SBI.

        I think your thought there is extremely important and everyone should understand it.  Yes, dislike companies and things they do but you cannot harm a company without harming the people in it.  So one’s actions need to be measured and the downstream consequences of our actions need to at least be thought about.

        Regarding Boycotting, I believe as consumers we have the right to boycott companies that are in direct opposition to actual progress & if they are against the consumer, in the way these terrible companies are. 

        A boycott is an organized campaign.  I am not so much for those but I am 100% fine with people en masse choosing not to support a product or company.  Folks need to be thinking on their own and acting based on their own thought and not just following a herd.  I honestly believe this is how we got where we are now.


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