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      With the ME Trilogy releasing soon, i thought this would be a great time to pull back out the topic of best characters in the series.  I’m going to share my top 5 with a brief overview of my reasoning.
      I dont count Shepard because the specifics of his/her’s character are not set in stone.

      Mordin Solus:
      Even though he is, typically, really nice and uplifting, he knows life is to short to beat around the bush and lets you know exactly how he feels about things.  His story arc as a scientist that regrets his role in a war, even though it was necessary, and trying to come to terms with that is interesting and his “paragon” ending in ME3 is one the most memorable parts of the series.

      Ashley Williams:
      “If you dont let Ashley die, you’re a racist”.  Most Mass Effect fans, I’m sure, came across some idiot that said this shit at some point. Her entire story arch in ME1 was about overcoming doubts and fears she had as a result of her upbringing and the fact, being new to galatic society, most people would have reservations and concerns about openly trusting cultures and beings humans couldnt even imagine 40 years ago.  Through a few conversations and her experiences with Shepard she comes to understand that, just like humans, individuals should be judged as individuals. It’s a really good story that actually shows a person can overcome there predigests and the power of having an open dialgue and being accepting of those you may not always see eye to eye with.
      The “Ashley is racist” comments were nuts back in the day. I cant wait to have them with modern day SJWs. haha

      Urdot Wrex:
      While Garrus is the teenagers idea of a good friend (someone that, blindly, follows you. Regardless, of what you do or say. Garrus is awesome. I’ve never liked him being treated as Shepard’s best friend),  Wrex is a what a friend, to most, actually is. He’s down to shoot the shit with Shp. He’s always happy to see Shep. If Shep talks to him about something, he’s gonna say what he thinks which may not be what you want to hear.  He doesnt bend who he is and he doesnt expect Shepard to, either. He has his morality and, even though he’s cool with Shepard, he wont change who he is for Shep’s feel-feels. He also has his own shit going on and cant be by Shepard’s side all the time, which is how friendship’s actually work. They dont have to see each all the time to know they’re still down with each other.
      They are both good friends to Shepard but as someone that admires honesty above all, Wrex is the better friend.
      He’s also cool ass looking lizard man with a shotgun that has fun kicking ass.  The fact they exchanged a Krogan squadmate for a diversity hire with no personality in ME3 was lame. (ME3 is a VERY woke game. That shit just wasnt everywhere in 2012 so no one thought about it. Coming back to it, I think people will notice)

      Kasumi Goto:
      The biggest sin of the trilogy isnt ME’3 ending. It’s how underused Kasumi is. She’s got the best attitude, the best style, the best ability in the series (Shadow Strike), one of the most fun and interesting loyalty mission in ME2, one of the best backstories. She has an element of mystery that keeps her fascinating. I understand she was a DLC character but they way she (and Zaeed) were used in ME3 was a, straight up, letdown. Other missions in ME3 changed, depending on who’s alive or dead. There could have been a mission that changed, depending on if you ever met Kasumi in ME2 (bought the DLC) or not.

      The most prominent of a group (Geth) that simply wanted to co-exist with another group (Quarians )that refused to let that happen. When the Quarians pushed the Geth to far, they started fighting back because they had no choice. After the Quarians lost, the started playing victim until they convinced the entire galaxy the Geth were an evil that wanted to destroy everything.  The entire trilogy does not happen if not for Quarians giving the Geth no option but to side with the Reapers. Legion just wants the right to exist without being hated because the Geth didnt act exactly as the Quarians wanted but also fear what the galaxy will become if the Reapers succeed. He also provides the “childlike” persepctive as AI that doesnt understand the reasons organic behave as they do.

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