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    Was just jamming the Revenge Of The Sith soundtrack the other day, pretty epic stuff, and while the OT has its iconic movie soundtrack moments of course (some of the most iconic movie soundtrack motifs ever written), I think I’m convinced the soundtrack to Revenge Of The Sith is the best Star Wars soundtrack John Williams has ever composed.


    While I agree with you that the ROTS soundtrack was some of his best work I would argue A New Hope was better simply because the music was so iconic and original. It also had Cantina Band which slaps


    The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite. Followed by ROTS and ANH.


      I did like Rey’s Theme in Force Awakens though.  Very cool


      That is such a tough question.  It’s hard to pick a favorite.  I think I have to go with A New Hope, but Empire and Sith are right behind it.  Also, Duel of the Fates from Phantom Menace is probably my single favorite track.


        I think that the Phantom Menace soundtrack was out of this world. Some of John William’s best work. If you listen to the track where Anakin is blowing up the droid ship, its a mix between the force theme and duel of the fates. 0:57 into “The Tide Turns” is the part I’m referencing.


        A New Hope for me it started it all, love them all thou, the 6 OG I mean, I have to admit that TFA score was good too but stopped listening to them after that


          My favorite’s always been the Jedi theme, and i’m happy we get to hear different variations of it in every movie and some series, close second Darth Vader’s theme

          For the prequels i always liked Anakin and Padmè’s theme, and i’m probably in the minority for this but i found their romance cute

          Sequels i really liked Rey’s theme in the final battle of Rise Of Skywalker when she see’s the force ghosts for the first time (even though we only got to hear the force ghosts, WHY?!!),

          Clone Wars Ahsoka’s theme, when i realized that they used the same theme in that final scene of season 7 as they did at the end of Ahsoka’s first mission with Anakin in the Clone Wars movie it made listening to it that much more emotional

          And of course the iconic opening crawl music, can’t leave that out of my favorites!


          OMG. The forum ate my list. Here I go again.

          Episode 1: “Duel of Fates”, “Anakin’s Theme”, “Qui-Gon’s Noble End”, “Augie’s Great Municipal Band”

          Episode 2: “Across the Stars”, “The Meadow Picnic”, “Anakin and Padme”

          Episode 3: “Palpatine’s Teachings”, “Padme’s Ruminations”, “Anakin vs Obi-wan”

          Episode 4: “The Dune Sea of Tatooine”, “The Hologram/Binary Sunset”, “Princess Leia’s Theme”, “Cantina Band”

          Episode 5: “Arrival on Dagobah”, “Yoda’s Theme”, “Yoda & the Force”, “The Imperial March”, “The Clash of Lightsabers”

          Episode 6: “Luke and Leia”, “Parade of the Ewoks”, “The Emperor”, “The Battle of Endor II” (3:45-7), “The Battle of Endor III” (2:00-5:00, “Darth Vader’s Death”), “Victory Celebration”, “Leia’s News/Light of the Force”

          Episode 7: “Rey’s Theme”, “The Scavenger”, “Scherzo for X-Wings”, “Han and Leia”

          Episode 8: Not gonna waste my time paying attention to it more than it deserves.

          Episode 9: Same as 8.


          Return of the Jedi is my favorite.  Although I do hold Dual of the Fates as a standout track!

          One thing I’ll note is, I recently  rewatched The Force Awakens and I noticed that the Main Theme was rather muted. Growing up on Star Wars, I noticed the subtle changes between the origional trilogy Main Theme, but it was always fanfair and bombastic, and the same with the prequels, but when I listened to TFA, it sounded muted, less unstrumental, it was like they had taken a lot of the instruments out and just had the key horn sections playing the theme. The rest of the soundtrack was good, it had its moments, but the opening just felt flat. I had never really noticed it till I listened to it with headphones.

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          Empire Strikes Back


          Revenge of the Sith

          are both my top two Star Wars Film scores.

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