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    Detroit Become Human is probably the best game I’ve played when it comes to story.


    In this forum, we can discuss the most well written stories in the history of video games. The story of the video game can come from any console, any mobile device, or any computer system. The goal of this discussion is to explain why the story of the video game was well written. For instance, the characters in the video game were well developed through natural progression and interesting story arcs. Another example is the plot of the video game was intriguing through twists and turns and went beyond my expectations. I am sure there are other examples of well written stories in video games but you get the picture. For the response, give the full title of the video game, what is the story of the video game, how did the story of the video game progress, and why did the story of the video game concluded the way it did. For spoilers criterion, if the video game is five years or older then major spoilers are fair game. However, if the video game has released recently (such as this year) then minor spoilers are preferred.


    Mass Effect Trilogy.
    Yes, the ending or 3 goes a bit off the rails but minus that 30 minutes, it’s amazing 150ish hours.
    The heart of that series, to me, was always in the side stories and relationships in other characters anyway.

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
    The best 2 hour game ever made.

    Nier & Nier: Automata


    Hello Ghost99, thank you for your reply. I have watched gameplay of Detroit Become Human but never played it. The reason that I believe the story of Detroit Become Human is so good is because the story is not linear but diverse due to its multiple story lines and multiple characters that allow the player to go back through the story again and again. What is your favorite moments and characters of Detroit Become Human?


    Hello again Kenny_Cartman, thank you for your reply. I agree that the Mass Effect Trilogy is one of the greatest gaming franchises in video gaming history. I have watched the trilogy games but have not played any of them. I also agree with you that well developed characters can carry a great story with multiple plotlines. I have not seen or heard of Nier and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I appreciate your opinions and insights.


    Valiant Hearts: The Great War – Great fictional story set during WW I.

    Ico – A simple story of companionship, beautifully told

    Valkyria Chronicles – Like Valiant Hearts, a nicely done war story with good characters. Much better than VC 4’s awful story (in my opinion)

    Beyond Good and Evil – Honestly, the themes of media propaganda and how it hides evil things going on in the game’s world feels especially true and relevant in 2020. Jade’s story reminds me of a lot of modern day whistle blowers exposing corruption.


    Hello Anonymous, thank you for your reply. The storied video games that you chosen are great games to add as candidates for the best video game stories. I hope that you are enjoying these stories again and again.


    I got really involved in the Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 games, starting slow than ramping up into an epic adventure than finally against Demi-Gods, I can’t say more than that without spoiling.

    Metal Gear Solid 1 & 3, both of these left me with a big sense of achievement, especially 3.

    Previously I would’ve said The Last of Us 1 but knowing where things end up the 2nd has retroactively ruined it for me.

    Telltales The Waking Dead Season 1, I was literally blubbering at the end 😭.

    Hearts of Iron IV, that time I played as Poland, turned Fascist and took over half the world, or that time I played as Portugal and created a massive fleet that destroyed all the US Navy, or that time I played the Soviet Union and got rid of Stalin than when Germany came for us we inflicted 8 million casualties on them.

    Ok maybe HOI4 isn’t a great story but I loved it.

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    Silent Hill 2


    How did Bioware fall so far?

    Fuck you EA.

    In ME 3 I felt the impending doom, I knew we couldn’t fight them head on and win.

    Only after failing to save the Geth and the Quarians and being forced to choose did I realise some of my mistakes, I had to go back and replay the entire series right away.

    For me Synthases was the ending.

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