Biden says he no longer understands Republicans.

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    Biden says he no longer understands Republicans

    …he (biden) confessed recently he doesn’t quite “understand” Republicans anymore, Biden will have ample opportunity to try figuring them out in the days ahead.

    Why?  Because they still believe in the Republic and the rule of law and the constitution?

    He plans to meet Thursday with Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, a West Virginia Republican, and a selection of Republicans of her choosing to hear out a roughly $600 billion counterproposal to his infrastructure plan. And on Wednesday Biden will sit down with the Republican and Democratic leaders of the House and Senate to gauge just how much they can work together to advance his agenda.

    In the meetings, Biden hopes to discern how serious Republicans are about passing a bipartisan infrastructure package…

    Considering everything biden has done so far has been as anti-bipartisan that I would say is near dictatorship levels.  Why would they blindly agree to you now?

    Biden has wondered aloud what happened to the party he spent decades working alongside in the Senate and later as vice president.

    Could that be because we are seeing less RINOs, and more TRUE republicans?

    The deal-making he cultivated as a senator, which he promised to attempt as president…

    Has been non-existing.  Only if they accept his agenda 100% will he consider it as bipartisan, which it is not.

    “We badly need a Republican Party. We need a two-party system. It’s not healthy to have a one-party system,” Biden said this week.

    Really?  You have yet to show that.

    In fact, I would say by what you and the dems have done has only proven you and your “masters” care NOT about a democracy.


    If you want to make friends with the republicans, then STRENGTHEN the integrity of the election process, not undermine it as the dems are doing.

    You want people to believe in the elections, then make it transparent and verifiable, and not HIDE behind not investigating fraud and then saying there was no evidence of fraud when you don’t even look.  That in itself suggests fraud.

    And stop pushing policies that divide the country.

    You don’t understand the republicans because you no longer value the American system.

    You are senile and clearly have dementia.  Is it a surprise you don’t understand things anymore.  I think not.

    You as the puppet figurehead of the swamp’s regime I can’t see making it for the full only term as POTUS until they have to use the 25th Amendment by the end of year two at the latest.  And way sooner if you continue to embarrass the us.


    And from people who have looked into alot of these big bills, so much of them had nothing to do with the naming of the bills.  So much of it has been aimed at bailing out failed dem states and their policies.


    Increased censorship and suppression of open debates.  Attacking those who do not agree with you.

    That is NOT what america was founded on.

    No wonder you (biden) don’t understand.


    He doesnt care, not understand though I do question his mental state as well so maybe both.


    No one cares what Gropin Joe thinks. He hasnt been told it yet.


    I don’t think anyone gives a crap what Biden does or does not understand. He probably doesn’t even know what year it is either.

    Whenever my dog takes a crap I think he is making some puddin’ for him.



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