[BIG NEWS] FNT with guest Alex Jones 2021-09-10

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    Gary just said on his “Car Vid-EE-OH!” that they record for views during a live stream was around 24K, when Gary and Doomcock was reviewing some Game of Thrones episode.

    As for the AJ’s FNT:

    178,846 views AND 19k LIKES

    as of this posting.


    Turbo Force Music Video:

    America First Music Video:



    Folk Song:

    There was a famous contest in 2017 for the Alex Jones Folk Song, AKA the We Love Our Somalis Song, so dozens if not hundreds of people created covers to the video, there are many versions, some of them may no longer be on YouTube and you may have to find them on Bitchute, Brighteon, Rumble, Odysee, Dlive, Dtube, other video websites. Here are a few of my most versions from that 2017 contest. But there are many more you can find online. But the following might be some of the top music video covers, some are remixed. Some of them are rap versions of the song, etc, etc. There are too many of these videos to list here. But here are only a few as follows.




    Gun Control Music Video:


    @joeyarnoldvn This has happened to me often and I brought it up in the Addressing Issues thread, but was not sure on answer. Sometimes, I edit posts with videos and images and it will vanish, only to re-appear later. This is a good site and this actually makes sense to me because you don’t want bot messing up the site. Not sure how it all works. After all this time, I am not a tech guy. This happens to me when I share media from my phone as well. It might show up a day or few days later in my email or whatever.

    Since this is a Geeks site, Friday Night Tights was talking about other guests and two geek guests that might be good to talk to are Thomas Massie, who has degrees from M.I.T. like Tony Stark and is a real inventor and the other geek guest would be Dr. Shiva, who invented email. Both of those guys are political, too. You are talking about two Geeks from M.I.T. in separate fields who have made massive contributions. Dr. Rand Paul might be another one. Those are three real nerds with real brain power and it might be fun to talk to guys like that. Dr. Rand is a real Eye doctor in a top field. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/thomas-massie-on-fire-telling-great-stories-ripping-on-pelosi/

    I think I actually have Dr. Shiva’s cellphone number. https://vashiva.com/


    There are very few so called “pro’s” which would really fit for this type of “shit’s n giggles” / guy humor/memes show.. That’s why i understood directly who it was when they mentioned a big guest might come on. I was also thinking maybe Styx, but no, they all seemed too mind blown, so it was very easy to figure out.

    I’d love to see Styx on there, he wouldn’t feel out of place.. Someone or a few from Red Letter Media would be incredible, but i highly highly doubt they’d come on, especially now with Jack being very anti G&G, falling for conspiracies.

    EVS would fit, talks about exactly the same stuff. He’s funny as hell. I get the impression not everything is 100% between these guys, which sucks. They need to fix that, they share the same audience and views.


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    EVS would fit, talks about exactly the same stuff. He’s funny as hell. I get the impression not everything is 100% between these guys, which sucks. They need to fix that, they share the same audience and views.

    Like Jeremy says all the time, he does not want an echo chamber, be it on any live streams or in the forums.

    He wants it so that people of differing views/opinions and all come together and “talk”.

    Friends (and siblings) do have differing opinions and do get into arguments from time to time.  That does not mean they stop being friends (siblings, etc).

    Once people start realizing this, the better it will be for the WHOLE community and the fans/members/etc, of each channel/personality.


    EVS would fit, talks about exactly the same stuff. He’s funny as hell. I get the impression not everything is 100% between these guys, which sucks. They need to fix that, they share the same audience and views.


    Unfortunately, there appears to be tension between EVS/portions of Comicsgate and the FNT sphere, ever since EVS did shoot his mouth off while HIGH and insult 85% of the FNT hosts, which resulted in a particular rift between EVS and Az, where EVS only made it worse by being goofy about his apology by making it a shtick and not being serious (in my opinion). Sometimes EVS uses his on camera persona too hard and doesn’t be serious when he needs to in order to squash something. This incident lead to some entrenchment of fans on both sides, with a little bit of salt being thrown around to the point now on EVS streams where I see superchats openly attacking FNT nowadays from the Comicsgate diehards. Unfortunately, there are portions of fanbases that get UBER protective of their favorites channels.

    It also manifested itself in the form of Dead Wood Dale making that mocking video of how the FNT hosts have a relationship with George Moylo (sp?) and his large donations. Now, the FNT guys have fully played into it with even more “GEORGE!” shouts and “Beautiful Soul” stuff, so they took the high road on it.

    Now, I personally will always try to make it a point (as a YouTuber now) not to really ever mention another YTber unless I’m working with them or giving them first credit for information or a borrowed phrase. I fully believe in what Gary says about not worrying what other YTbers say or do. Do I have my opinions on how or what other channels in this sphere do? Hell yeah I do. There are lots of things about channels we all watch that I don’t like in terms of content and presentation, but I will always work to keep them private and not use them as part of my channel content, because in fighting does nothing to help the greater war effort.

    When we start bitching at each other over how to fight the war, that only helps the SJWs.


    Great comments on here. Someone just mentioned that Chuck Dixon might be a good guest. Amen to that. Another good one would be Brett Smith. I can’t remember what I was listening to, but someone was talking about Spec Ops or Navy Seals or something and the comment was that it’s not about finding the best guy, but about finding the right guy. Who would bring fun and good comments?


    One thing about Alex Jones, is that his mantra over the years was: “Smash the Left/right paradigm.” So I listened and in my mind, that was done and we ended up with Trump. After the debacle, failed wars, it really seems noticeable once the paradigm was smashed and we had Trump, that the political parties and past presidents and media were all exposed as totally and completely corrupt.

    Alex Jones also made me realize just how conditioned the NPCs have become. I just heard some goofy twink trying to mock protesters against the mask mandate. How much of a submissive NPR boot-licker do you gotta be to virtue-signal against freedom and for restrictive mandates?



    Alex Jones DOUBLE the audience of Zach Snyder. Alex Jones DOUBLE the audience of Hollywood.

    Think about that.




    This stream gets better and better with each and every viewing. The Alex Jones parts, but this part I watched and it’s better the second and third time. Fascinating how he talks about the people who faked it on claw machine games. Makes you realize how being a phony liar really does pay.




    Here is the interview with the man himself. If anyone is breaking people free from the Matrix, Alex Jones is the gateway.
    Every time you watch this stream, it gets better.


    This is the greatest video Jeremy has ever made. Best part of the video is at the 1:40 timestamp, 1 minute and 45 seconds into the video. That is the biggest point he has ever made.


    Covid Vaccines are killing people in several ways, fake news blame the deaths on Covid or on random side-effects of the vaccines which also destroys your immune system, it reprograms your immune system, just go check out Dr. Robert Young, Health Ranger Mike Adams, and others who talk about all of this and more.


    The good news is there are natural remedies like Zinc and other vitamins and herbs and many different things and medicine people can take to fight Covid and to fight against Covid Vaccines which are giving people blood clot, cancer, brain seizures, heart attacks, autoimmune diseases, and the list goes on and on and on.

    There are so many diseases out there. Plus, there are on average around 5 trillions cells in a human body but around 30 trillion microorganisms like viruses, germs, bacteria, parasites, etc. In other words, there are a lot of things inside of us both good and bad like a complex jungle. It is critical to be healthy, prevention over correction, be on the offense as opposed to being on the defensive in life. Don’t just wait until you sick with whatever. It is a lot harder to fix a problem after the fact.


    Doctors generally make more money helping people with correcting sickness, mistakes, problems. There is not as much money in helping people remain healthy. People are paid thousands of dollars to promote Covid Vaccines. They were offering to pay $200K to Alex Jones, all he had to do was promote the poke. He said Hell no. But thousands of people are taking the bribe money.

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    Makes you wonder. There are already kids who grew up making content all the time. Does the future hold a person who can be even better than Alex Jones? Only asking because Alex Jones is the best broadcaster in my lifetime.

    This video is called Teenage Content Creator Alex Jones and shows him go to a house of local government official who is violating the same measures they penalize citizens for.


    “Alex Jones” Fumes Over Howard’s Stance on Vaccines

    The Howard Stern Show

    “Alex Jones” doubles-down on his rant against Howard and his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine.

    I am off the Stern train and just about every corporate thing. Really enjoyed Chris Gore on the show and didn’t know that he has written textbooks used in universities. That was a great story about Gore as a young father and just being really into movies and film enough to write all about it.

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