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      Some time back I had a job that I held for several years. There was a guy in charge of the workers that was an a-hole but the guy above him cared for the workers so it seemed to balance out.

      Or so I thought. Until one day, I moved on and upon telling the head guy, the situation became apparent. The “a-hole” was the head guy and he just used the manager below him as his axe man and blamed all things the workers did not like on him.

      I believe this is the situation with big tech. I think big tech has been a tool for the government for some time. I think the government realized the power of big tech before big tech did. And so worked to infiltrate it and get its tendrils in it for much longer than we originally thought. This is why you see people in high positions in government float back and forth between government and big tech jobs and other powerful companies.

      And now we are seeing the fruits of their labor as the government seems to now be able to steer big tech although (like the afore mentioned situation) that activity gets blamed on big tech being evil. It’s really the government steering that more than we thought.

      And as such government will NEVER breakup or harm the companies it is using. In fact they will see much favor from the government.



      Government scientists created the internet, so they could communicant with each other.

      Social media was created as a project of the alphabet agencies.

      Camera/photo AI are being used to identify and to track people.

      Smart phones are also being used to track people’s movement and purchases and views, etc.

      And since big tech is not “officially” government controlled/entities, they can do things government agencies are currently NOT allowed to do.


      I can’t see my comment so I am going to retype it.  Big tech is absolutely the problem.  They have put in a system which will completely subjugate the people of this world — especially America.

      People are such fools.  It is only a matter of time before it happens.  Not if it will happen, but only when it will happen.


      If a shark is attacking people the shark is the problem. It doesn’t matter if someone fed it human flesh to give it a taste for humans, the shark is still the problem. While it’s not all on Big Tech, they are the shark that the government has chummed the waters for.



        I really disagree with that. If someone is beating you in the forehead with a bat. Do you punch the bat in the face or the person wielding it?


        So Big Tech is Darth Vader and the Big Government is Emperor Palpatine? Darth Vader is made to look like the big scary guy while Palpatine pulls strings from the shadows and laughs as the people fight with Darth Vader?

      Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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