Jeffrey Epstein

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      This is scary. Like really really scary

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      Your face is scary, aha!  So are the Clintons and their faces.  There’s some very dirty, greasy palms right there.

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      … didn’t kill himself.

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        But of course he did.

        He just needed help as he did not want to do it voluntarily.

        So others made sure he was dead DEAD.

        And now people are worried his girlfriend/associate might have the same thing happen to her BEFORE the trial and the revealing of details some powerful people/organizations would rather not be known.

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      Epstein was Deep State. There are no real victims. He may still be alive or they killed him. Who knows.

      Maxwell is the daughter of a Mossad operative. He received his mansion from Les Wexner (billionaire owner of Victoria’s Secret) who had a history with the CIA. It looks like a joint CIA-Mossad operation to blackmail information on influential people to force them to take certain positions on issues.

      -A billionaire investment banker that few people ever saw.
      -There are maybe 20 of those in the world.
      -They all know each other but none know him.
      -Traders say they never saw him make a trade.
      -He selectively targeted people.
      -He would routinely turn down clients that would have netted him 30M in fees.
      -Nothing in the prison or courtroom makes any sense.
      -They raid his island after he went to court.
      -They raided his NYC home and told CBS he had child porn.
      -The FBI never does this. It ruins investigations.
      -They never touch his 10,000 acre New Mexico home.
      -They only mentioned it when they thought it would lead to Trump.
      -You never really see any victims instead you are told there are victims.
      -The two adult victims are prostitutes.
      -He owned a CIA plane.
      -Maxwell was photographed in public.
      -She just happened to be there and they get a perfect picture.
      -She is reading a book she clearly wants you to see.
      -“The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives.”
      -She moved 36 times since Epstein’s death. This takes resources and connections.



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      I work in the legal system. I have seen many sex offense cases. Do you know how you can tell this entire thing is a black operation? The FBI raid that was televised by CBS.

      First, real cases never televise raids.  I have been on raids.  Literally there.

      Secondly, when the FBI comes over and tells CBS they have child porn — that is insanity. No real investigator does this.

      Third, they did a companion segment where the only two victims you see are two massage (prostitutes) girls in their 30s. Go to CBS News: Jeffrey Epstein victims speak out after billionaire financier charged with sex trafficking

      The entire thing is designed to sow a cover story. It is a black operation. No doubt in my mind.


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      Lastly, did you see the 17-year-old woman that supposedly slept with Prince Andrew.  Prove to me she is not a deep state honey pot agent.  If you do not know what a honey pot operation is then I suggest you look it up.  I would start with CIA FOIA documents.

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      Lastly, use some common sense.  How many of you parents out there are letting your underage teenage girls go to a secluded island by themselves with millionaires and billionaires?  None of you are.

      Someone needs to explain to me exactly how supposedly “hundreds” of girls went to the island.  That means over 500 different parents had to let their underage teenage daughters go to the island.

      Any girl that was there was there because she wanted to be there and she was getting paid very well.

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        They could’ve been kidnapped. And Epstein was very rich. He could probably afford to hire people to do his dirty deeds

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          So did hundreds of parents file kidnapping police reports?

          No, they did not.

          You just want everything to be real.

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          More proof this is a Deep State Operation:

          1) The daughter of ex-FBI director Comey was a prosecutor in the Epstein case and now works on the Maxwell case. (Source: “James Comey’s daughter is a lead prosecutor on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case. Here’s what we know about her.” on Business Insider.)

          2) Prosecutors control the discovery evidence. She can add and take away anything she wants.  She is there to cover for the Deep State.  There are 1.5 million lawyers in America and this is the one they chose to control the evidence.

          3) Let me remind you of who her father is and what he did. James Comey had a $33,000,000+ net worth BEFORE he became FBI Director. Not bad for a “career lawman” who alternated between kickback jobs and working on cases for the Clintons:

          – Vince Foster (1995)
          – Pardongate (2000)
          – Clinton emails (2015-16)
          – Russia (2016-17)

          No charges.

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        Sorry Niko, but there are some very sick fucks on this planet

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          You have never seen 1 victim in the entire Epstein case.  Other than it being a Deep State Honey Pot operation, it doest not even make sense.

          Are you letting your underage daughters go to a secluded island with millionaires and billionaires? According to this case, there were hundreds of parents who let their underage daughters go to an island. That does not even make sense.

          No, the women on that island were paid and paid well. My guess is by the Deep State.

          This is a CIA/Mossad honey pot operation and Comey’s daughter was put on the Epstein and Maxwell cases to control the evidence and narrative.

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            It doesn’t make sense to us because we’re normal people who could never imagine doing such horrible things to children, unfortunately, reality sucks, and there are people, monsters, who would, as tragic as it is, some of these monsters happen to be parents

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          By the way, in America on every Friday night, there are tens of thousands of underage girls going out an sleeping with their much older adult boyfriends.  Don’t fool yourself.

          Sleeping with people for money is nothing new and half the world does not have America’s insane sex laws.

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        There are people that will sell their kids. There are people that don’t care what their kids do. Yes, there are a lot of false accusations that are ruining lives, but there is also a lot of other acts of evil going on in the world.

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      Rich pervs take advantage of young people who want money.  Problem is, the pervs go after younger & younger kids…




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        The evil and the lies have grown too big for them to cover it up anymore.

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      The docuseries on Lifetime called “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein” started last night and it was horrific

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