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    Black Clover follows the adventures of Asta, and the Magic Knights, as they fight against mystical villain organizations (such as the Dark Triad and the Eye of the Midnight Sun) who want to destroy the Magic Knights’ homes known as the Clover Kingdom. It is a story about an underdog wanting to fulfill his dream of running the kingdom, about peasants, nobility, and commoners working together to defeat a common enemy, and how a squad of characters from different backgrounds become a family by uniting under one underdog’s ideals. In this forum, the manga and anime of Black Clover is discussed here.


    I’ve only seen 2 episodes of Black Clover and it’s like true Harry Potter of Anime. I’m not saying it in a bad way, I’m saying it in a more honest. Might think about doing a rewatch of this anime and this I’m going to watch the whole thing.

    I would like to recommend this Anime to Harry Potter Fans, Percy Jackson Fans, Lord of the Rings Fans, Narnia Fans, Disney Fans, Pixar Fans, and Dungeons and Dragons Fans.


    Hello VinzingerG, I would highly recommend the latest seasons of Black Clover. The anime starts out slow and Asta can be extremely annoying at times for the first ten episodes. However, he settles down after episode ten. Another thing to note about the anime is that the pacing changes once the main antagonists of the first arc are revealed (the Eye of the Midnight Sun). Once they are revealed, then you will start to enjoy the anime and want to watch it until the season is over.


    Black Clover is really good once you get past Asta’s very annoying yelling. Trust me it’s worth it


    Yeah Asta’s yelling was brutal but it ends. I’ve only seen up to Ep 51 (that’s what’s on Hulu) – how many are there? I’ve got a Black Clover wallet! Its sick!!


    I agree with you, Anthok432. Thank you for your reply.


    On Crunchyroll, Black Clover is on episode 132 currently. The anime will officially return on July 7th, I believe. Thank you for your reply, KaiMFS.


    What’s your rating for Black Clover? Might be checking it out.


    I like the anime. However there are some annoying part of it. Many characters only have one line for like 100 episodes that they won’t stop repeating (for some, it just doesn’t end). I know it’s for comic relief but pretty much all of them are just very annoying to me. But nothing to stop me from enjoying the rest of the anime.

    I get a very big Fairy Tail vibes from the squads and other things (won’t spoil anything). However, they don’t go full fan service every 2 seconds like in Fairy Tail. So that’s good.

    In this anime, you get the Rich looking down of the poor. There are a few great moments related to that and I loved it.

    I would recommend this anime if you like action/fantasy stuff.

    Not good at rating things.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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