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    if one more person says this is good i will watch it lol :’D


    There are elements of mind control in the movie, which were really well done. There is a recurring theme of what is real because the widow sisters are so disassociated. One thing I liked was that it’s a family movie, but the family was fake. I liked the emotions of the sister who held on to her family even though it was a fake set-up spy cover and it was only for 3 years, but she said they were that happiest three years of her life in Ohio. It was touching. I don’t think she was even in high school yet though at the time. The propaganda was also good involving USA, Russia and Cuba.




    I like Nerdrotic a ton and happened to enjoy the Black Widow movie. At the same time, his criticisms are valid. What is most engaging about his videos is when he points out the writing ability of the fan base. Tell you what, Disney needs to seek out and pay better writers like the people Nerdrotic mentions. If there is one thing I covet, it is talented writers. To think of what someone like Nerdrotic or Geeksandgamers could achieve with such a writing team and a budget. When Nerdrotic talks about cheap gags substituted for potential betters scenes, I actually wonder if that is true. Marvel makes solid movies and maybe the template of cheap gags and other gimmicks just makes for better movies? Nerdrotics’s critique is funny. Harvey Weinsteinoff. I would argue more Epsteinoff, with the girls being pimped and brainwashed. haha “Dreykov didn’t kill himself.”


    One thing I liked about Black Widow overall was Marvel’s dedication to their character. I was never a fan, but when she says, “thank you for your cooperation,” it was the same line she used with Robert Redford and Loki and she says it to Drekov and it just makes you realize what a great spy she really is and how effective she is at extracting the key intel she needs to find a way to win, being a character with no powers.


    Love Nerdrotic’s brutal review, but prior to this movie, Marvel had one of the best cinematic runs of all-time. So many quality films. He likes IronMan, but the sequels to that were weak. The first two Captain America movies are up there with some of the best ever made.


    Begun, The Comic Film Crash Has – A Rant

    The Rageaholic

    Well, you had a good run.
    But a cow can only chew the same cud for so long before it heads off to the baseball glove factory.

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    Black Widow FLOP Leads to Disney LAWSUITS | Kevin Feige is ANGRY!!


    Black Widow’s box office is TANKING and isn’t interesting that one underperforming Disney Marvel film has lead to such CHAOS! ScarJo is suing Disney for breach of contract, Ema Stone may not be far behind. Additionally, according to producer Jason Blum a ‘ton of lawsuits’ may follow. It also looks like Disney may have made Kevin Feige angry over their lashing out at one of his superheroes. Enjoy the Disney Schadenfreude!


    Marvel Panics! After Black Widow Lost Money New Delays For Eternals If Shang Chi Flops Too!

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