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    This is a discussion on what the anime adaptation could do compared to it’s Manga adaptation, as well as what it could add.


    I’m looking forward to it.

    It’s well known that Kubo really went fast with that final arc in the manga. The anime has an opportunity to flush out the story more, for instance, more on the Spirit King. I’ve read through the final arc twice, and there was not enough done with the Spirit King.

    Of course, in the very end, I still got what I wanted….Ichigo and Orihime ended up together :)


    I haven’t watched Bleach in a long ass time but I did hear the news that it was coming though i’m excited but also a little nervous since Pierrot likes to….cut costs


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    Oh god….when they bring in the B team to animate parts of Black Clover…it’s the worst…


    It would be cool if they went in depth about how the 13 Court Guard Squads were formed, why they decided to form it, and how they decided to do it.


    I’m hoping the story will be fleshed out more too, but I’m not counting on it. If it’s being done by Studio Pierrot than their “anime only” materiel leaves a lot to be desired.

    Bleach is really cool in concept, but a flawed gem in execution. Both the Arrancar and Quincy Blood War arcs started off really strong but suffered from tremendous pacing issues as they went on. I found they became an incoherent mess towards the end with rushed conclusions and abandoned plot points. I assume Kubo suffered writer’s fatigue and just wanted them done; he can’t really write or plan long-term.

    Still, I’ll cross my fingers and hope they’ll take the opportunity to fill in the gaps. Bleach’s ending wasn’t necessarily bad, just not very satisfying. It needs to be extended on, at the very least. The larger supporting cast deserved some closure and we got… basically nothing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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