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    Many of you might have seen the 2011 anime and caught a glimpse of the early series but things can far more intersting latter. If your familure with characters like Raven or Hellboy Blue Exorcist may sound be familiar. A Japanese kid living with a perverted but not pedo catholic priest finds out he is Saintans bastard son after he begins to see demons. Statain then possesses the priest and in order to mistake he is forced to unleash his demonic heritage forever preventing him from being a normal huaman. He grows sharp, teeth, pointed ears, and a black tail, and when the sword that sealed his power is drawn he becomes surrounded by blue flames which are the devils flames. So he now goes off to exorcist high school (because Japan) where his twin brother (who didn’t inhert any demonic heritage and thus could be considered a full human) is a teacher and has apparently know the truth this entire time. Talk about getting left out of the loop. While most exorcists in the series have their own methods of fighting demons such as summoning familiars, using special fire arms, or reciting relgious text depending on what culture the demon is mostly tited too such as the bible or the Troah… Rin mostly just incernates them with his fathers blue flame. Its a bit like Naruto in a sence that Rin wants to the Exorcists approval and not seen as a monster or a tool.  Overall I think its a really fun series and the woman who rights it is doing a Godzilla anime for Netflix that comes out this month. I’m really excited.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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