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    Hey everyone! As you all know I am huge collector of physical media with my bluray collection and my attempt to digitize and preserve those movies. Is this a topic that anyone else share interest in like what films to buy, how to digitize, best way to hist server, etc? Let me know and share what knowledge you have!


      BD/DVD Collection—>Pioneer BDR-XD07S–>MakeMKV–>Handbrake–>Synology NAS

      I highly recommend to those seeking assistance building and managing a physical media collection.   I discuss that more in length here: #post-168759


      Nice! Yeah I love and Make MKV. Not sure what best settings for handbrake are to keep quality, etc. What synology you end with? I am looking to invest in one and I use that same burner. love it


        I currently have the DS416play. The age is starting to make me nervous.


        Oh nice! It works well? I have been looking at the newer synology but they are so pricey before storage…I feel like I could build a capable rzyen based system for much less but I am lost as to the parts that would be best for it


          Yes, it has worked perfectly, always on, 24/7.  My only complaint is the noise.

          I use a set of four 8TB Western Digital HDDs (Pro/Red label, 7200 RPM), two for data and two for back up of the other two.  This has worked well for me.  I’m not running out of space yet, capacity is currently 70% full; but buying an entire “complete seasons” TV show on BD would probably push me to the limit.

          I have been seriously considering the DS920+; in fact, I bought it on Amazon recently, then I second-guessed myself and canceled my order (so much money!).  When I do upgrade, I’ll want to replace my 8TB HDDs with 10TB at least, if not 12TB; I’m watching those prices too.


          While we’re on this topic, I was just at Walmart today, and all the copies of Gone with the Wind were sold out.  Happy to see people are taking preserving the classics seriously.

        Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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