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    He was asked point blank from a stock holder about when she was getting fired and he gave another kiss ass defence of her and finished by saying she will be here for years to come. Doomcock and Adrian were wrong. They really don’t give a shit the fan base so long as they have the brand name.


    “here for years to come”  but in what role?

    I heard once the theme parks open, they will need cast members, and people to clean the toilets.

    KK will be much in demand for that role.

    < BWAH HA Ha ha >


    I found an article that wrote what was said:

    Disney CEO Addresses Gina Carano ‘Mandalorian’ Firing, Lucasfilm Chief’s Future at Shareholder Meeting

    And yet, it’s also been a 12-month period that saw Disney’s shares surge on the growth of its streaming offerings. Chapek noted that Disney’s stock went from $79 a year ago to above $200 this week.

    So share value is up, but the company is bleeding money.

    “The fact is that we have a tremendous opportunity now to bring this country back together and unite people,” Chapek said. “One thing we can all agree on is the power of Disney to unite us all.”

    Except Lucasfilm, which is dividing and turning away the fans and paying customers.

    Chapek didn’t directly address the Carano situation, but he did push back against any suggestion of an ideological bias.

    “I don’t really see Disney as characterizing itself as right-leaning or left-leaning,” Chapek said. He said that Disney was interested in standing for “values that are universal” such as “decency” and “integrity,” as well as in making “content that is reflective of the rich diversity of the world that we live in.”

    When why were other comments that were just as bad (but left leaning) was OK, and nothing was done about it?

    One shareholder asked if Kennedy, who has run Lucasfilm since 2012, would be fired and replaced with Favreau.

    Chapek declared himself “absolutely thrilled” with Kennedy’s performance. “We look forward to having Kathy directing the activities of the entire Lucasfilm operation for many years to come,” he added.

    Now that is BAD news.

    I don’t know right now if that has to do with KK having some blackmail material on everyone, or if Chapek is that clueless, or both.


      “Unite” is code for “bend the knee.” You WILL assimilate or be destroyed lol. No really, forcing anyone to do anything is an oxymoronic thing. People have differences. Differences within reason should be respected.


      Yeah…I saw it when the first article dropped.

      I made a video…it’s at my channel…


      We cannot be discouraged. The Rebellion must continue.


      Krazu KK spent 40 years hiding in the shadows and taking notes.

      Bitch has dirt on everyone and is turning that dirt into the destruction of Georges Intellectual Property.


      I trust Disney’s financial and subscription numbers about as much as I trust China’s covid data.  This is the same studio that had that woke Wrinkle in Time shit suddenly rebound at the box office to inch past the $100 mark. The same studio that tried to blow smoke up our asses about how many people paid $30 for Mulan. The same studio that saw their film Captain Marvel suddenly increase at the box office in weeks 7 & 8 so it could move past Wonder Woman as the biggest box office hit for a female superhero. Yes Captain Marvel according to Disney made more money in it’s 7th and 8th week than Infinity War and Endgame  did in their 7th and 8th weeks.  Now they are telling us they have 100 million paid subscribers… Right, Everyone I know seems to have Disney+ and almost none of them are paying for it, because it comes free with their internet or wireless plans


      You paid for that internet/wireless plans.

      So even if Disney only gets $1/month off your plan’s fees to pay for Disney+, that is $1 more they would otherwise not have.


      I haven’t believed anything Doomcock’s said in a long time.


      Posted here but it didn’t seem to go through so I’ll try again…

      Disney stock is overvalued. Its estimated return is -60%, that’s negative 60 percent! Estimated return is the expected value of a stock after holding onto it for a year. Who here would like to go into a bank, deposit $194.51 and have that be worth $77.80 in a year?


      So KK isn’t going to be at Disney forever. Just until the leaking, sinking Disney submarine implodes!


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      That speaks volumes of Disney’s public awareness. Just when you think they should have learnt their lesson, they prove they have no clue at all. I still think that the vast majority of the genuine fanbase wants KK gone. It seems that despite Chapek’s words her contract hasn’t been renewed yet. All we can do right now is to keep the pressure up. Even though it might not succeed, we can still ratio them to hell. #firekathleenkennedy needs to be maintained and spread. Just because Disney doesn’t want to listen, it doesn’t mean we can’t make their lives harder any more.

      I still see it as a positive sign that Disney shareholders are very much aware of the KK situation if they actually ask if Kennedy is about to be fired. Disney can’t be as calm as they pretend to be.


      perhaps star wars fans are approaching this the wrong way in ways to get Kathleen Kennedy out the door

      just put pronouns in your bio, BLM, a pic of Joe Biden or some left media darling and maybe Disney will maybe consider it from here on out, seeing as a bunch of bot accounts seem to dictate the world news and events of canceling now


      I still remember Star Wars in the glory days, before the dark times, before the Disney evil empire.

      Any Star Wars fan would do a better job as Lucasfilm president than Kathleen Kennedy.


      I am absolutely, 100% done with Star Wars until Kennedy is gone.  Not another cent.  It’s not even a hard decision for me at this point.


      “here for years to come”  but in what role?

      I heard once the theme parks open, they will need cast members, and people to clean the toilets.

      KK will be much in demand for that role.

      This could be more accurate than we know. A few years ago, the plant I work at had a terrible GM that was driving business into the ground: lots of needless OT, late orders out the yin-yang, lots of pissed off customers and employees… Being embedded in the lower ranks of management myself, I found out that his superiors weren’t happy with him, but his contract apparently had a clause wherein if he was terminated before its end, they had to pay him a very substantial amount. Their solution? For the last few months of his contract, he was placed in charge of cleaning up outside the warehouse as a well-paid groundskeeper. No help, either: he had no authority to tell others to “move that stack of racks over there” or “go dump this” or “sweep that”: he had to do all of that himself.

      In the interest of fairness, I must admit that I’ve never seen the exterior of the warehouse look cleaner and more professional than it was during his tenure in this role, to the point where I almost mourned his departure when his contract finally did expire.

      Kennedy could be facing a similar situation right now: her contract protects her from being fired, and Disney is currently looking for ways to limit the damage she can do until it expires. Either way, that’s not a thing that can be stated publicly unless they want to face some kind of backlash over it.

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