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    Star Wars fans build Mandalorian spaceship in Siberia – CNA



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    Disney stock is way overvalued.

    Screenshot_2021-03-09 Walt Disney Company (The) (DIS) Stock Price, News, Quote History - Yahoo Finance

    I took a snip of the website and uploaded the image. The Estimated Return is an estimate of the expected return from purchasing their stock and holding it for a year. So anyone who buys Disney stock can expect to loose 60% of their investment over the course of a year from today. It’s like going to a bank putting $100 dollars in a savings account and a year later your $100 has turned into $40! This morning if you bought Disney stock you paid about $201.91 for it. If you buy it now you pay $194.51. What’s 40% of $194.51 … it’s $77.804! That’s how much Disney stock is estimated to be worth a year from now. A few weeks ago on the same website it was negative but not -60 percent!

    The following is from

    Screenshot_2021-03-09 The Art of Selling a Losing Position

    Anyone who buys Disney stock right now is a total idiot. Anyone who owns Disney stock is hoping and praying for a miracle when they should just cut their losses and sell.

    Disney isn’t a sinking ship, it’s a sinking submarine with leaks. Any investors who own stock in it understand that. They also know the only way it’s going to turn around is if Disney stops making trash. But the CEO is going for WOKE and will end up BROKE.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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