Boba Fett WTF?

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    I’ve been listening to all the usual podcasts/streams, heard people discussing all this Star Wars/Mandalorian/Boba Fett confusion. Nothing but confusion here.

    The mess includes the Sequels, the EU, Mandalorian, among other things. People aren’t just squabbling about an appearance of Fett in the Mandalorian, nor blabbering about EU storylines, or just what happened in and after Return of the Jedi. Even the wikis are all over the place as to what the fucks going on in all this.

    The main films, Prequels and Luke Trilogy have these Fetts. People are saying they’re not Mandalorians. Like Mr. Plinkett, I didn’t read all the novels, comics, or play all the video games. As far as I know, Jango is. Fett is a clone of Jango, correct? I didn’t watch the Clone Wars, and I have no idea what’s canon lore and isn’t.

    If Fett shows up no matter what they explain in the Mandalorian, it’s all new to me, and I have no real idea about if Boba Fett survived or not. I’m not opposed to it, but from what little I know of the Mandalorians (mostly from the old Marvel comics series) none of this shit makes any sense at all anyways. It’s one big ball of confusion for me, a standard everyday Star Wars viewer who has very little knowledge of the novels or other series. (Shit, I still haven’t even watched SOLO or ROGUE ONE or THE RISE OF SKYWALKER).  So… if there is any truth that Boba Fett isn’t a Mandalorian, or Jango isn’t a Mandalorian, I have to wonder about all these Mandalorians and why any normal viewer should even care, since the only ‘Mandalorians’ we ever knew were Jango and Boba Fett.

    If that ISN’T Fett at the end, it feels very JJ ABRAMS to me. If we find out that it’s some old Clone Trooper, or some convoluted trick and it’s some other old Jedi and there’s no explanation of why the Jango actor is playing him just to trick the audience, I’ll tell you what I think…

    It’s more of the same. It’s just more mind-numbing gimmickry, as if baby yodas weren’t bad enough already. I’ll tell you right now, they have NO IDEA what they’re going to do with ‘baby yoda.’ None. They haven’t even decided where this shit is going. It’s starting to feel VERY J.J. Abrams with this nonsense. We already know this shit is directionless. A Boba Fakeout also means an Ashoka Fakeout as well. Guess which other actor ISN’T playing who you thought they were playing this, and how many?  I predict all this fakeout bullshit is going to be exactly what everyone’s been complaining about for years, more hollow gimmickry with no payoffs. Pure JJism.  I predict right now that these people have NO CLUE where any of this is going, and they don’t care if it gets cancelled with no ending a la Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles or take your pick of whatever show you watched with no ending.

    What will they think of next? Huh?  Hows this for an experiment… The Mandalorian’s not Boba Fett. Baby Yoda’s not Yoda.  IG-88 wasn’t IG-88. Starting to get it yet?  Ashoka Tano won’t be Ashoka Tano, and Boba Fett isn’t Boba Fett. There’s a pattern here. Why is that? I think you know the answer to that. Another, yet completely different, mess which baffles the mind and devalues  this “series.”


    EU books (Never read the comics) tell us that Boba blasted his way out of the sarlack and was badly burned by acid yet survived with only a little scaring. His origional armor was replaced on Slave 1 and it was kept to possibly melt down later. Both the movie armor and the second set at this time were Durasteel not Beskar.

    After some decades Boba was convinced to actually run the planet of Mandalor as the Man’Dalor which is basically the king or high chieftan or some variation of those concepts. At this time he also meets many of the clones who defected from the republic after the fall of the jedi. These clones had sourced an anti aging gene from the Komenoians to make them age like real men not 4x faster. He was upgraded at this time to Baskar armor.

    Boba led the Mandolorians through the Yuzzahn vong invasion and his granddaughter at the end of the EU was running off world work. Darth Cadeus (Jacen Solo) murdered his daughter during an interigation in the books describing Jacens fall to evil.

    The pale imitation bullshit we see in the rat franchise books and tv shows & yes I include everything Cowgirl Dave has worked on in this is bad fanfiction shit compared to the real man’doa code.


    I think you’re giving Jon and Dave too little credit here. Unlike the Sequel trilogy, these guys are real Star Wars fans that care about the story and characters. They couldn’t do Yoda or IG-88 as you say, because they are both dead by this point. So they instead bring in new characters like them to be leads in their story. I personally like seeing this, especially IG because they can focus on characters who have never been a lead on screen before. Believe me, if they took the time and money to get Morrison back, he will be playing Boba Fett. Especially since he showed up at the end of the episode that was all about his armor. Also, I’m sure Favreau does have at least an idea of where he wants the show to go. As with any creative thing, it can change with time, but don’t say they have no idea what they’re doing. There is simply no proof of that at all – so far. There is a lot of story left to go in Season 2. Let’s see how they end this season before going around proclaiming they have no clue where the story is going.

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