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    After I just saw that the Matrix 4 is going full trans and that Trinity is Neo or Neo is Trinity, I have a feeling Hollywood is going to go full-blown dumpster fire even after a pandemic almost destroyed them.  So here is the start of a Boycott List.  Nothing is going to end well for us.  I learned long ago, there is always someone who messes things up for everyone, and in 2020, it is liberals.  Just like in Beverly Hills cop, the liberals shit in the pool and now none of us can use it.

    1.  Matrix 4

    2. Captain Marvel

    3.  Anything Gillette still.

    4.  Anything Nike still.

    5.  Anything Brie Larson for life. 

    6.  NBA

    7.  NFL

    8.  MLB

    9.  CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NBC, and all the other leftist propaganda outlets.

    10.  Oprah, I am an oppressed, billionaire, fat, black woman Winfrey.


    I believe Boycott is different than cancelling, so I think this is okay. ;)

    I don’t support cancel culture, I think people should be free to do whatever they want, as long as they don’t affect other people’s lives. I know this is kinda different but I prefer the common sense approach, which is people should decide for their selves. And sometimes a whole company doesn’t reflect the opinion of the company’s marketing staff. I know starbucks is woke af and I hate those paper straws, but once in a while I still go there to relax and drink my coffee. I hate nike but I still wear those old school nike jordan and a nike hat that I bought long ago. I watch nba (go Rockets, they’re still banned in china btw lol) but I hate what they’re doing with the sport. etc. So I can’t really boycott a lot of woke trash stuff but I try to be careful where I put my money, sometimes I just don’t have other choices. ;D

    Anyway, recently many hollywood people are being stupid af… like Seth Rogen, Ryan Reynolds, Robert de Niro… such disappointments :s

    I just hope they don’t get to Keanu =)



    I hope they don’t get Keanu either.  He is one of the few genuinely nice people in Hollywood.  I heard about this and started to look into it because I have never met him personally.

    I saw the video where he gave up his seat on the subway for a woman.  Apparently, this is nothing new for him and just to see him on the subway with the common person is refreshing.  I saw another where a woman hit his motorcycle (a very expensive one).  The cops were called and he blew it off and was gracious about it.  I saw videos where the man cannot even walk 10 feet in an airport without a billion people stopping him.  He is nice all the time and to everyone.  Then he has given away a ton of his money.  A lot of this stuff does not get advertised via the MSM.

    I truly believe he is one of the nicest people in Hollywood and he isn’t a uber-rich jerk.  He gets it.

    BUT, Hollywood has a way of turning people slowly.  Also, they have a way of manipulating things with their questions.  I am sure they are going to ask him a bunch of woke questions.  Now being a nice person, Keanu won’t say anything mean or that would hurt people’s feelings so he will say something positive in response.  Then the media will take that and manipulate it to say —- see Keanu Reeves is backing the super woke liberal nonsense.

    Liberal in 2020 is not what liberal was back in the 80s too.  I have a few liberal leanings.  Legalize pot.  Legalize prostitution.  Stop arresting so much for nonsense and setting up people to feed the prison system.

    But in 2020, liberal has warped into an entirely new animal.  It has gone full-blown insane and Marxist.  Liberal is only supposed to be a little left of center.  It is not anymore.

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    Boycotting definitely is different from cancel culture. Boycotting is about ”I don’t like this, therefore I am not going to support it financially or in any way”. Cancel culture is ”I don’t like this, so no one should be able to support or consume it”.


    I would also add anything made by commies where no local version is available.

    Sure, it might be 10-15% more, but then you are supporting rights and freedoms.


    It is the best feeling in the world to know that the best way to fight the WOKE agenda in Hollywierd, comics, sports and video games, is to NOT spend money.

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