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    With more and more calls to boycott this or that, I was wonder;


    1.) Have you ever or are currently boycotting anything, be it a person, a product, a company, etc?

    2.) Why?


    1.) Procter & Gamble

    2.) After that notorious commercial, I decided if they don’t want ME as a customer, I will spend my money elsewhere.  As a former life-time Crest toothpaste using, I am now using Colgate.  The current brand/flavor I get is made in Mexico, sometimes Canada.


    1.) NFL (National Football League)

    2.) Even as a non-American, to disrespect the Flag of your Nation, is more than enough reason for me to stop watching it.  I have even gone so far that if for some reason I need to check a score, I will use a sports site but NOT the NFL site.  TSN, Sportsnet, CBC, ESPN, etc.


    1.) Award shows

    2.) It has become a place for actors/actresses to try to lecture us about their political views.  It is no longer a place to celebrate their industry, which is what an award show was meant to be.


    1.) Burger King

    2.) Back in the 80’s, the entire franchise had to shut down in my province for serious health violations.  Multiple nail clippings in various foods and multiple locations.  A decade or so later the franchise came back, but I will NOT buy anything from them EVER EVER AGAIN.






    Did they ever serve toenail-crunch? 🤣🤣


    1) Gellette. They chose to tell me to stop being a man and looking at hot women.

    2) NFL. Those assholes took a knee during the National Anthem for lies that never happened. Then when they were called out for lying they doubled down.

    3) The rat. Ive hated those Pedos since I was 5. Now the rest of the planet is catching on to what Ive been pointing out. Second reason they are the definition of a monopoly and the anti trust board allows them to keep buying up properties. (Some fuck is getting kickbacks.)

    4) Hollyweird in general. They stopped being about entertainment and have turned into propaganda for the PEDO lifestyle.

    5) All of the alphabet news stations. Including Fox these past few weeks. They are not news they are propaganda.

    6) Anyone who calls me a NAZI (which is funny as fuck as they were socialists) for refusing to give up my private property.

    7) Anyone who calls me a racist cause I laugh at anyone who commits suicide by cop. Listen if you are carrying illegally and have 10# of weed in the car you are not a legal gun owner you do not have a valid CCW (you fucking lied on the forms) dont come crying to me that the cops ventalated your dumb ass for reaching for the gun.

    For the record Constitutional carry (open carry) needs to be RESTORED to the law of the land. Consealed carry is valid for a license as the founders suspected anyone who refused to carry openly. However when you are committing a felony trying to claim a right is laughable.



    1.) STD & STP & STld (also known as Star Trek Discovery & Star Trek Picard & Star Trek Lower Decks)

    2.) Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek was always about a brighter future for everyone.  Each TV episode (STO, STN) had a moral story, but they did not lecture you one it.  STD & STP are as anti-Gene’s Star Trek as can be.  For me, they are not Star Trek.  The Orville is more Star Trek then that garbage.  And to try to politicize entertainment was/is a big turn off for me.


    Not so much allout boycotts, as I just don’t spend money on woke looking trash. Or something like Gillette where there are a tons of other options to chose from and I have never really been a brand loyalist anyhow. I’m a cheap motherfucker who usually goes for the best price so long as the product is not crap.      I do however refuse to spend a penny on anything Roman Polanski or Victor Salva ever made regardless of if the films look any good or not.

    For the most part I cut back on spending more than outright boycotting. I tend to avoid Disney stuff these days but i have to be honest, If they suddenly decided to release a nice new 4K BluRay set of the original Star Wars films in their original versions, it would be really hard for me to not buy that.


    1. Several game companies, EA, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, NISA, Spike Chunsoft, Gearbox, Sony and many more, also most games that have been censored either by Sony’s Censorship laws, non existing so called Global Standards like Tifa’s redesign in the FFVII reboot or during localization, obviously woke games and pretty much the entirety of Hollyweird.

    2. I do not want that my money is used to put food on the tables of people who are woke and/or think japanese creations must be censored beyond what the japanese rating systems already demand. That’s why in cases of slight censorship I’m willing to still play the game but only as 2nd hand copy or a digital copy aquired for cheap from a code reseller.


    Has there been any additional WOKE corporations we need to add to this?



    I am almost to the point where i can list my non boycotted companies easier.



    The shitlist:

    • Gilette, for obvious resaons
    • Liberty media (Brand new US based owners of Formula 1), they said grid girls are not compatible with their philosophy, basically terminating the job opportunity for dozens of young female hostesses who loved the opportunity
    • Coca Cola,the obvious woke agenda and diversity  training stories, and their low sugar stuff sucks ass anyway
    • Apple,Not because of wokeness, but for being anti-repair, and anti customer, and overpriced
    • That woke ice cream company,Ben and Jerry
    • Canon, for cutting off support for my perfectly good printer, rendering it useless
    • Ford, just because I think they make horrible cars and have been since I was a child

    Boycott…. Not in the traditional way of telling the world and beating my chest. I just do not shop or support the product.
    Pro-sports is the only one I actually will be vocal about. Men and Women have died for what it stands for, I have been to flag covered coffin funerals lost friends fighting for her. Lou mouth entitle assholes can all go to hell.

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