Brie Larson Flagging Videos Like a Jarbo

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    Because ROBOT HEAD is awesome and she isn’t.


      Brie is Hollywood’s golden child, in their eyes she can do no wrong. That Star Wars Girl is my favorite youtuber, enjoyed this video just like i did all the rest, but honestly, i have a gut feeling that Brie’s PR person’s the one putting her in these situations rather then trying to get her out of them…

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      Captain Karen is already demanding to talk to management? Big surprise.


      That is a shame, I had a slight hope we’d be seeing a new side to her, but I guess not.


      Welp, my fledgling channel is screwed then.


      Seeing Brie try to act down to earth is just really awkward and cringey. She’s one of those people that is always trying way too hard to project a certain image and never just being herself.






      As of 11 July 2020 Bre has over 93k downvotes & 105k upvotes.



    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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