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      i just saw that brie larson was trending on twitter and apparently she has her own youtube channel now

      i cant wait to see her try to take on jeremy haha

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      stunning and brave…

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      Things that are a drag: Brie Larson’s youtube channel.

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      I honestly wonder if she could be successful in Youtube. Not that I worry for her, I’m just curious.

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      WorldClassBullShitters has asked that for those unfortunate enough to watch any of her clips, and discovers one worth ridiculing, to forward to them.

      Now why someone would want to waste their time listening to Brie “no brains” Larson, is beyond me.

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      While I disagree with her woke statements, I find it sad people are gathering on her video to basically flame her : ugly, woodblock acting, awful person etc. Sad stuff.

      As we saw with the writer Jeremy had a streaming with, she may just follow the trend to not get cancelled. With the recent videos she doesn’t strike me as a bad person, and I’m sure that at her core she isn’t the bastard we think she is.

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        I just watched her interview on Hot Ones, and it’s the first video i’ve seen of her where she looks like a normal person with her own passions, interest, and personality, in short she seems human. It is sad that people are waiting for her videos just to make fun of her, and although i do think she partly brought this onto herself, i still think we should have a little more compassion (maybe that’s too much but i don’t know what other word to use) as we don’t know the behined the scenes of her situation. I’m also guilty of making fun of her for being an SJW, but watching her latest interview, i do feel bad for having done that…

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      She’s already getting downvoted lol

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      I saw a comment asking her to go on Efap lol.

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        She’s not even hot. She really looks like the Wall hit her hard.

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          That’s sad because I wanted her to be in a movie that paids homage to Andy Sidaris starring the members of the Fandom Menace.

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      Don’t forget, she is monetized, so everytime you click on her shit, you make her money, I repeat, YOU make Brie Larson money, and me personally would not want that to happen.

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        Hollywood and The Rat will make sure she stays monetized even if she has a scandal. Hollywood seems to be taking over Youtube, and even Susan’s champions aren’t safe from demonetization. It probably won’t be long where Hollywood and Corporate will probably have more control over Youtube, and Susan will just be a puppet.It’s going to suck for music channels when mainstream trash like Gorillaz will take over (Gorillaz bent the knee for woke points).

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      She’s deleting dislikes and comments!

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      I asked for an interview.

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      Its going to be a dumpster fire, but they will buy her likes and views…. its all part of the plan.

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      I asked a couple of times to do a video with Jessica Alba.

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      I asked a couple of times for her to do a video with Jessica Alba.

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