Britney Spears: WTF

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    Britney Spears posts fourth topless picture in a week on Instagram

    Britney Spears is again baring it all, but fans are beginning to wonder if something more sinister is at play.

    My impression is she is still “sick in the head”.

    On July 23, the pop star shocked her 32.7 million Instagram followers when she posted a topless image with only her hands covering her breasts. Four days later, she posted a similar image. On July 29, a third topless image was shared. A similar photo also went up on Friday night, July 30. Britney captioned all the snapshots only with emojis.

    This to me, is NOT a sign someone is of stable mind.

    While fans initially praised Britney for her daring posts, many have changed their tune and now fear that the snaps could haunt her concerning her conservatorship case.


    Her actions are that of a two-year old.  See!  I don’t need a shirt!  Watch me!  Give me attention!

    I then have to wonder, if she is successful in revoking her conservatorship, how many hours later (not days, HOURS) will we get a Britney OnlyFans, live acts, and the “I want another baby!”

    She needs “mental help”, IMO.  Staying in a clinic rather than performing.

    If we are to take mental heath issues seriously, well this is one person who is in serious need of getting that help.  Too many former breakdowns has proven that.

    And yes, I believe her conservatorship should continue.

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