Brittney Griner sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison on drug charges

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    Basketball star Brittney Griner sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison on drug charges

    The 31-year-old Griner, a two-time U.S. Olympic champion and a eight-time all-star with the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury, listened with a blank expression as an interpreter translated the verdict by Judge Anna Sotnikova. Griner also was fined 1 million rubles (about $21,000).


    U.S. President Joe Biden denounced as “unacceptable” the verdict and sentence…

    Why?  She admitted to committing the crime, and did not get the max ten years in prison?

    “I call on Russia to release her immediately so she can be with her wife, loved ones, friends, and teammates,” Biden said…

    So a criminal does not have to pay for their crimes?  Is that what Biden and the Dems are advocating?

    The disclosure in July that the U.S. government was seeking a prisoner swap involving Griner reflected the growing pressure on the Biden administration to do more to bring her home. The U.S. State Department had earlier declared Griner to be “wrongfully detained” — a charge that Russia has sharply rejected.

    A convicted criminal who is anti-american.  Other law enforcement agencies/justice departments do not release like they do in the us.  Wrongfully detained?  What a joke.

    When she took the stand July 7, Griner said: “I would like to plead guilty on the charges against me. But I had no intention of breaking any Russian law.”

    Oh sorry officer, I did not mean the DUI which caused damage and death.  I did not mean to break the law.  Yay right!

    On July 27, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington has offered a deal to Russia aimed at bringing home Griner and Whelan in a sharp reversal of previous policy. Details of the proposal were not announced, though a person familiar with the matter said the U.S. has offered to trade convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout for Whelan and Griner.

    Since when does “previous policy” matter to this admin.

    …Griner could be swapped for Bout, nicknamed “the Merchant of Death,” who is serving a 25-year sentence in the U.S. after being convicted of conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens and providing aid to a terrorist organization. Russia has agitated for Bout’s release for years.

    OH look.  Russia has been asking for years for the US to release one of its citizens, to no avail.  And not the US admin/media is pouting a convicted american can’t be release just because they said so.

    And the swapping of a source of aiding terrorism for a drug smuggler?

    I saw they all should rot in prison.

    The commissioners of the WNBA and NBA called the trial’s outcome “unjustified and unfortunate, but not unexpected and Brittney Griner remains wrongly detained. … It is our hope that we are near the end of this process of finally bringing BG home to the United States.”

    Unjustified?  Unfortunately?  Why, because they don’t treat celebrities above the law?  Or that people who break the law are not just released back out onto the streets to commit more crimes like they do in some areas of the us?

    In nine years, or sooner if there is an early release program for convicts who behave while in prison, of if her appeal reduces the time behind bars.

    I hate this two-tiered mentality of rules for thee, not for me these people are wanting for BG.

    If keeping BG in prison insures people like “the Merchant of Death” stays in prison, I say the world is that much safer.


    My first reaction…. Do the Crime, do the time.
    My second reaction , I laughed

    My third reaction and the left heads exploding, Get a gallon jug for collecting tears.

    She hates America, She broke a Law in a Nation that the law is well known as is the punishment. Let her rot in jail.


    I thought she was really young and this could have been blamed on the frivolity of youth but at 31 to pull some drug stuff in Russia (of all places) is really poor decision making.  I don’t know if it’s 9 years worth of bad decision but I am not a Russian judge nor do I know the facts of the case.

    Many have said she dislikes America.  I wonder if she still does or if she remembers it fondly.


    Many have said she dislikes America.

    You have to also remember Lebron told her:

    James said Griner, who is detained in Russia for entering Russia for cannabis possession, should consider not returning to the United States because of the lack of government support.

    Even this clown does not want her to come back to the US.

    What does that tell you of both of them?

    Can we send komrade Lebron to his CCP masters permanently.



    She pled guilty, she was offered a trial, she didnt take one. She assumed her letter to biden would get her out of it. Dont smuggle drugs in russia.


    Did she carry THC oil or CBD oil? The latter isn’t even a drug. Several athletes take it for cramps. It’s also used in medicine for various digestive diseases.

    It obviously just politics. Under normal circumstances they would have fined her 200 dollars and been done with it. But due to the war, they’re going to use her as pawn to either trade prisoners with the US or get some other concession.

    She’s an absolute tool of course. One knows not to smuggle forbidden substances into Russia – or any other country including the US. Drug smuggling is not treated lightly anywhere except maybe UK or Germany. In Malaysia or Iran they execute people for it.


    Griner was convicted on a charge of attempting to smuggle narcotics into Russia, based on two vape cartridges containing hashish oil that were found in her luggage at a Moscow airport in February, when she traveled to the country to rejoin her Russian pro team.


    …the crime Griner was prosecuted of – smuggling narcotics in “significant amount” in violation of Article 229¹(2)(c) of the Russian criminal code  – carries a minimum sentence of five to 10 years “deprivation of freedom” along with the fine, and the upper end of the spectrum seems to be common.

    So, according to the law, she got what the law demands.

    To many in the U.S., nine years’ imprisonment may seem like a harsh penalty for cannabis possession. But in Russia, it is par for the course for this crime.


    The ironic thing here to me is this, why would someone beg to come back to a country they dislike and publicly call racist?

    To quote a wise youtuber, “that’s amazin!”


    Well in 9 years hopefully DeSantis is POTUS and when they release her he says NO NO NO send her to China.


    Hardly a surprise that people who bitch about America the most, end up having no clue how the rest of the world operates and just how blessed they are to be American.



    I honestly wonder if she is thinking she was a moron for acting the way she did initially when she was here.


    I was listening to her ‘apology’ and honestly thought it was a man speaking.

    They should have probably checked for steroids as well.



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