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    Buy Canadian ... Trudeau


    What if I want canada to finally collapse, freeing me from it’s sickening grip


    Does that include black face makeup?




      As a Canadian I don’t like him. The Canadian government has helped people a bit with CERB. But it’s a short term solution for some. The lack of good jobs is a problem even for those with college education.


        The Canadian government allows too many foreigners into the country. The colleges are full of people from everywhere but Canada. There is already too many grads without jobs in there field. They let seasonal workers from Jamaica take jobs from us. Its complete bullshit.






        Well all the Canadian businesses are closed


        Suce beaucoup, le Canada


        i’m sorry but i gotta say it. this trudeau dude, the califukya mayor garcetti and the ny shitty mayor de blasio are all a bunch of fuckin little bitches.

        they can join the squad and go fuk themselves


        cheers :)


        @gold5 Trudeau yé poche en tabarnak, c’est un osti de cave


        Well all the Canadian businesses are closed

        Only the “essential” business are open.

        All the rest they want closed… permanently! It seems.




        How many years does he have left in office?


        Probably another 3 to 42 years

      Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 107 total)
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