Calls to destroy the Republican Party has begun

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    Comey: ‘Republican Party has to be burned to the ground’

    Former FBI Director James Comey said in an interview published Thursday that the Republican Party must “be burned to the ground”…

    Gess, that does not sound like a tyranical government wanted to get rid of its opposition now, does it?

    Comey told Australia’s ABC “7.30” news program that the GOP “doesn’t stand for anything that is valuable to our country.”

    Are you that stupid?

    They stood up for TRUTH.

    They stood up for the CONSTITUTION.

    They stood up for the RULE OF LAW.

    They stood up for Police Officers, First Responders, EMS.

    They stood up for businesses and getting people to work.

    They stood up for the Rights of American Citizens.

    What a hypocrite!



    Fuck the GOP.

    Fuck Comey.

    We are waiting for a new Patriot Party led by Trump.

    The rightful President.


    As much as it pains me to say it a 3rd party will only split the vote and create an even deeper hole the Constitutionalists must crawl out of.
    We did this once; the Bull Moose party is the reason the the Republicans lost the 1912 elections to Wilson.

    Perot was teh reason HW lost to Slick Willy in 92. Course HW was a CIA bitch who started the selling of America to the global cabal en masse.


    Yes the 2020 election was a farce. Every single judge put in place during the 4 years stabbed the Country in the back cause apparently they are Global first over Constitution first as we the people (& Trump) were told.


    I think there’s a lot of repub Senators and Congressmen that need to be replaced.

    I think the Repubs in Georgia like the Governor needs to lose his next election.

    People used to say it’s better than having a Democrat; but it’s better to clean house.



    Although the emergence of a new party poses the obvious risk of splitting the vote to begin with it can also bring benefits in the longer term. Look at UKIP as an example. This was founded in the UK as a single issue party dedicated to taking us out of the vile EU. To begin with it was just a fringe group ignored by the main parties who would not even question membership but things changed when it began to draw significant support away from the tory party, helped by the tories then leader going back on a promise of a public vote on the Lisbon Treaty. As the tories saw their membership collapsing and UKIP actually came top in votes for the vile EU’s talking shop parliament they were forced to concede a referendum on membership despite UKIP not having a single MP in our Parliament.

    It was the threat UKIP posed to the tories that changed things rather than UKIP getting into government.

    Of course the US has its system of primary elections to pick candidates so perhaps there is the alternative of a more informal group to promote Republican candidates that won’t just beg the Democrats for whatever scraps they are offering .


    I don’t think a Patriot Party would split the conservative vote. The vast majority of Republican voters are Trump supporters, so they would probably vote for Trump’s party and not the establishment GOP.

    Honestly, I think both establishment parties are in for a rude awakening


    They only pretend to stand up for shit. They abandoned Trump because they wanted the party to go back to the Bush and McCain days. I agree with Comey on this one. The Republican party is controlled oppostion for the Democrats that only panders to conservaties and centrists while conserving absolutly enoughing. They cucked on Section 230 (they overided Trumps veto over trying), did nothing to expose the voter fraud (causing a riot), and they never fought for the wall. Trumps greatest acheivment was showing that we live under a uniparty.


    the reason I dont think the UK approach will work here is that all previous 3rd parties have been ignored & ridiculed by the Lamestream media and even by the secondary media.
    So I wish a 3rd party would work here. But the establisment are intrenched like the lines of WW1. Our best option is to primary EVERYONE who has been there longer than two terms and EVERYONE who voted against Trumps plans.

    The asswipes who voted to impeach Trump with no evidence and no investigation already have primary oponents lining up.


    That is actually what happened with UKIP as well, it was routinely smeared in the media and it’s electoral success was limited to local and European levels. I think it managed a total of one elected MP for a short time (2 due to defections). The real impact was that it scared the tory leadership.

    Having said that Dash_attack’s point about the Republicans being controlled opposition may make things different. If senior Republicans don’t care about being out of power then they have no reason to address the reasons why they are losing support to a new party.


    @stephenDutton  that is why they in the senate only did a fraction of what the Trump Administration had wanted to do.

    They got so used to being the “controlled opposition”, only a few knew how to lead.


    And the call to destroy the non-demos is also so that they do not get another “LEADER” who can confront and overcome their power hunger/controlling ways.

    Why else did the all hate TRUMP?  He could not be controlled by them.  He was a leader!  A man who knew how to get things done.


    That is why, even thou he is not the POTUS, they all still want to impeach him, to prevent him, a proven LEADER, from getting power and working FOR THE PEOPLE!


    Reagrdless of how much I despise the concept of dynasties in politics if they try and convict Trump; Jr needs to run for office in either 22 or 24. Hes alredy stated that if they do try & convict over shit that didnt happen he will move to one of the states where a RINO is in charge and primary the fuck.


    True. Dynasties in politics for anything other than figurehead roles remind me of third world dictatorships when a dictator grooms his children to take over from him because he knows that they won’t investigate his actions while he was in charge. The children will already be corrupt by the time they take over.

    In this case though Donald Trump Jnr can likely be relied upon to take father’s attitude towards the corruption already in the system instead of going along with it as most if not all other so-called ‘Republicans’ would do.

    It would be nice to see him defeat Mitt Romney in a primary election.


    It all starts at the ground up. Do you know how many of our “elected” representatives didn’t actual run against anyone? 30% of all the election races in 2020 were uncontested. We need to start contesting. Cleave the Uniparty’s bureaucrat support base out from under them and have the Patriot Party rise from it. National level elections will only change if there’s a base to support and enact those changes. That was made abundantly clear these last couple years. I’m all in for a Patriot Party.

    I hear the fact that this will put us in a pit, but the way we’re going now isn’t tenable. Democrats propose to burn down the house, Republicans counter and say just the living room. We’re being slow rolled. We need to make a move.

    30% of seats nationwide were uncontested in the 2020 general election


    If there is no choice, then it is not a democracy.

    How is the message of the various political parties being able to get out to the people, if there is no one running to give the message to the local people?

    It can’t all be done at just the presidential level.


    I find that 30% stat sickening.


    Disclaimer. Not an american.
    America needs term limits, it doesnt matter who you elect as president all the same people are running the show decade after decade.  Thats why nothing changes.

    Trump if you are honest, was Americas first independent candidate/president.   I say this because he wasnt part of the swamp and both sides hated him for it.

    America needs a third (maybe 4th and 5th) party.  Maybe dont go full germany and have a dozen partys though.

    You could make a party and get voters from both sides and people who know its a waste of time usually and never vote.
    Most other countries have more than 2 its not a big deal.

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