Can the NFL Sustain the SJW Talking Points?

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    Can the NFL After the 1st week of Embarrassing Ratings really sustain this SJW Narrative?


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    It was originally announce this “garbage” (two anthems, etc) would be for week 1 only.

    But I highly doubt it.


    The inmates are now running the show, as the saying goes.  Just as lebron how things are work in his league.


    Yes.  We are going to hear about that garbage all year long.  Where it could hurt them though is in 2021 when their TV deal runs out.  The NFL made $16 billion in revenue last year.  They were hoping to push that amount to $25 billion after the next TV deal.

    At the end of the day though, there is a much larger agenda in play.  Everything going on in America now reminds me of when Lenin assumed power in Russia.  Lenin used the same SJW people we see today to assume power.   (Professors, Celebrities, Antifa members, politicians, the media.)  Professional sports did not exist in the days of Lenin but they do now and they are part of the group being used to topple America.

    Time will tell what happens.  The mob is fickle so everyone may just forget.  That is my personal bet, but who knows what could happen.


    We are already seeing the cracks.

    A Pittsburgh Steelers player (offensive lineman Al Villanueva) covered up the name that was on every player’s helmet, and replaced it with a TRUE HERO.

    He wore the name Alwyn Cashe, a Black soldier killed on duty in Iraq and who was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for heroism.

    Steelers offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey announced on Thursday that he would make his own choice as to what name he would place on the back of his helmet as part of the team’s social justice initative. He is the second player on the team to (do so).


    I think they can but I also think the NFL doesn’t really care about this topic.  They are just doing it to pacify some of their players and fans.  99% of the people in the NFL do not even live in a black area.  But I think it will go on but not be successful.


    Judging by the number of Ravens fans I saw while I was out today, I could clearly see that they didn’t give two touchdowns about the BLM shit. But the NFL wants us to believe the opposite of that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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