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    can we add a Mod Forum like Nexus but without the woke moderators and allow us to post whatever mods we want? (legit mods of course)

    After the starfield mod banning controversy, I think this will help the site gain more traction too.


      This is not really a moderator’s decision so I will run this up the chain.


        Sure we can get one added under Gaming. Where have you seen where Nexus is banning Starfield mods?



          For one example, Nexus Mods has banned content. The most recent being Starfield mods that give you the option to remove pronouns from the game. Yes, you can have nude and violent mods for games, but ohh no, don’t remove the pronouns!!!

          In the past they banned any mods from Spider-Man that changed all the LGBTQ flags to USA flags. It was ok to have a mod to have ALL flags be LGBTQ, but banned mods that did the opposite.

          If you are going to have a mod section on this site then you need to have rules in how people post them. For example. If it is an “adult” mod then it need to have that label and warning. Mods also need pictures and a clear explanation as to what the mod is and what it does.


          Also RK Outpost, our budd, did a report on it yesterday.

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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