Can You tell me the reason why you love Star Wars?


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    I really love all the Star Wars music in the fiction .I loved the Star Wars theme .I really love a lot of the Star Wars characters. Luke Skywalker is my favorite character. Star Wars did a awesome job with character development with Luke. Star Wars showed any one can be an hero. Star Wars has one the best villain of all time Darth Vader.

    Can you tell me the reason?  Why you love Star Wars? It’s any reason why you really love Star Wars.


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    I like because it’s interesting and the battle scenes are excellent like for example the battle of Naboo, Rebel’s Assault on the Death Star, battle of Geonosis, battle of Hoth. Hell I used to be overly obsessed with Star Wars when I was a kid. But now, I’m overly obsessed with Anime. But still, I can’t believe what happened to Star Wars, I’ve seen the Last Jedi and I’ve seen better Storytelling from Anime although I haven’t seen the entirety of the Last Jedi. The Bad thing about the Last Jedi is everything about it. The Good thing about the Last Jedi is that it gave me the right to criticize the Last Jedi, Ruin Wokesoy(Rian Johnson), KK, and Lucasfilm and inspire me to stay away from the Rise of Skywalker. George Lucas should have ended Star Wars with Episode 6 and put Star Wars in a vault instead of getting a Sequel trilogy.

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