Canada to open borders, US remains shut

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    Despite Canada’s easing, U.S. adds 30 days to travel restrictions at shared border

    WASHINGTON — Canada’s bilateral overtures to fully vaccinated American visitors went unrequited Wednesday as the Department of Homeland Security formally extended its travel restrictions at the Canada-U.S. border for at least the next 30 days.

    So the border is only open one-way?  Out of the US and into Canada?

    The decision was widely expected; Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said as much Monday in announcing the latest stage in Canada’s own plan to ease restrictions. Fully vaccinated Canadian citizens and permanent residents can already return; the rest of the world is to follow in September.

    Good news for Canada,

    Border experts say the Biden administration is likely not ready to open the U.S.-Mexico border, given the existing refugee crisis there, and fears political blowback if travel from Canada is allowed a head start.


    Illegal aliens are still being ALLOWED into the US on its southern borders EVERY FCUKING SINGLE DAY!

    There’s also the added element of whether or not the U.S., where only 57 per cent of eligible Americans have had a full course of a COVID-19 vaccine, will make proof of vaccination a condition of entry. The White House has already made clear it does not support requiring vaccination credentials in the U.S., a country famous for its fierce guardianship of personal liberties.

    How ironic is that?

    Every airline, every cruise line, is making VACCINE PASSPORTS/Proof of being double VAX’d, a condition of travel.

    I call this BS by the BS that is the current admin in the WH!

    The bilateral “road map” for a renewed cross-border partnership, issued by President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau back in February, promised a science-based, co-ordinated approach to reopening the border, said Perrin Beatty, president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

    “Less than five months later, Washington appears to have lost its copy,” Beatty said in a statement, noting the discrepancy in the U.S. approach: Americans can travel freely within their borders, and air travel from Canada to the U.S. remains unfettered.

    Five months?  Do you think dementia biden can remember five months ago, let along five days or five hours ago?


    From another article I found this:

    People from Canada and Mexico have been allowed to fly into the U.S. with proof of a negative coronavirus test or recovery from COVID-19 – a requirement before boarding any international flight to the U.S. that went into effect in January.

    So it is only Americans that are not allowed to travel internationally!

    Isn’t that… DISCRIMINATION?


    It is discriminatory, but Biden said Mumph rumpllflluun, tarenthenneum um drifunnrun C’mon man


    So, they won’t open the border with Canada because of the crisis on the Mexico border they themselves created and refuse to deal with.

    How does that make any sense at all?



    The politicians intentionally created the “border crisis” to create a pool of cheap labor and to drive down wages. The dog and pony show about solving the issue is just that. None of them really want to fix it they are making money hand over fist because of it but they will talk about it all day but in the end they do nothing.

    In reality the solution is very simple. Enforce the laws already on the books. Arrest a few CEO’s or higher-ups for hiring illegals and then that nonsense would stop and then the flood would slow to a trickle because there would be no reason to come across. In the end the people saying they want to help the illegals are just using them as cheap labor and political footballs.


    OH, get ready for segregation!

    International passengers may now be separated based on COVID vaccination status at Pearson airport

    International passengers arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport may now be separated into different lines based on their COVID-19 vaccination status.

    Show Us Your Papers!

    “Passengers entering Canada from the U.S. or another international destination may be split into vaccinated and non/partially-vaccinated queues prior to reaching Canada Customs,”…

    May be?  No, I think that it WILL BE!

    “We know that the arrivals experience is different for passengers than it was in pre-pandemic times, and we appreciate passengers’ patience as we work with all of our partners to implement Government of Canada requirements for international air travel,” MacDonald said.

    By treating people differently, based on what they had injected into their bodies?

    “This is a measure to help streamline the border clearance process as there are different entry requirements for vaccinated and non/partially-vaccinated travellers, which have been broadly communicated by the Government of Canada.”

    So they will make it so horrible for those that are not fully vax’d, they will think twice about visiting? ! ?

    Controlling the movement of people, isn’t that what the NWO/elitists want?


    More mixed messages on international travel;

    Quebecers can get a 3rd COVID vaccine ‘at their own risk’ to travel to a country that requires it

    Quebec travellers can get a third shot of the COVID-19 vaccine if they are travelling to a destination that requires it, the provincial government says.


    The health department announced Saturday that third doses of the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are available but people who wish to get an additional shot can do so at their own risk.

    At your own risk! ! !

    On a drug that had liabilities removed, and so many calling for a booster shot, getting a third shot is… AT YOUR OWN RISK! ! !

    Some countries that are currently mulling the recommendation and possible requirement of a third vaccine dose include France, Britain and Finland.

    Can we add the us to that list, if Dr.Fraud gets his way.

    There is, however, no international consensus on how many vaccine doses are necessary to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.

    As many as Big Pharma can rack in the money for, that is how many.

    Also to the confusion, is some countries do NOT recognize the mixing of drugs, so one might ALSO be forced to make sure any third matches one of those already taken.  But I can see them then saying that since the last jab was too far away from the other jab using the same drug… might still refuse the traveler.

    This who “SHOW US YOUR PAPERS”/vax requirements is getting more and more BS!


    How nice, our imperious leader wants to open the border BUT….

    Border workers vote to strike, potentially hampering Canada’s reopening plans

    Canada’s reopening plans could be hindered as thousands of border officers gird themselves for potential strike action.

    The two unions representing more than 8,500 Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) employees announced this morning that the majority of their members have given them a strike mandate.

    What timing!

    The unions’ members — who have been without a contract since June 2018 — include border service officers at airports, land entry points, marine ports and commercial ports of entry; inland enforcement officers; intelligence officers; investigators; trade officers; hearings officers; and non-uniformed members.

    Three years! ? !

    The unions have been fighting primarily for three things: salary parity with other law enforcement workers in Canada; better protections against harassment and discrimination; and a remote work policy for non-uniformed members.

    That harassment and discrimination includes BOTH internal and external?  Abusing customers and abusing fellow employees/bosses?



    Governors want Biden to explain why the U.S. border is shuttered to Canadians

    OTTAWA — Nine governors want the Biden administration to explain why it is keeping the U.S. border closed to most Canadians.

    Explain?  Demented joe can’t explain anything, and you want an explanation, and one that makes senses.

    “It is our strongly held view as Governors that the public health data, science and advice of our own experts support a responsible, timely reopening plan,” the border state governors wrote in a joint letter, dated Friday, to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

    Some “experts” are more qualified that others.  And it seems those the call for more Lockdowns, more Masks, more restrictions are the only “experts” they are listening to.

    “At this point in the nation’s work to get the economy back on track, it is imperative that the federal government work more closely and transparently with us and our Canadian provincial counterparts to quickly define and implement a reopening plan.”

    Get the economy back on track?  You just gave the reason they WON’T do it.  There is no political gain from getting people and the economy going again.

    “We write to you requesting additional information — preferably in the form of a detailed briefing — related to COVID-19 travel restrictions that impact the U.S.-Canadian border,” the governors wrote.

    If he has a hard time deciding on vanilla ice cream, you think he can create a detailed briefing?

    The state leaders said they specifically want to know what kind of information the federal government based its border decision on and the metrics necessary to reopen the frontier.

    I can tell you that.  They can’t get cheap labor from the northern border.  That is why it remains closed.

    But the southern border is a free-for-all!  No security checks.  No covid testing.  Etc.  No crisis – nothing to see there!


    Now the vaccinated are fighting mad.

    ‘We did what we were told’: Frustration as AstraZeneca recipients forced to cancel international travel

    Some (people) who received the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine are having to cancel their international travel plans, again.


    Several countries and tour operators, including many cruise lines, don’t recognize the Covishield version of AstraZeneca, which is made in India. Others are not accepting travellers who received different types of vaccines for their first and second shots.

    Are they not vax’d?

    “The airlines didn’t provide any messaging. The government didn’t provide any messaging. People who are administering the immunizations didn’t provide any messaging,”…

    And why would they?

    If you have to cancel, they still get to keep your deposit (or whatever they keep) and can then resell your place(s).

    Air Canada told CBC News “customers are responsible for understanding and meeting the entry requirements for all destinations they may travel to.”

    But since those requirements are constantly changing, the odds of you being caught in a grey-area is still high.


    That begs the question, why travel internationally when things are still in-flux?

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