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    ESG: environmental and social governance.

    Just like Monster Hunter with its flagship being a threat, only for the story to succeed and show the true endgame which was the cause of the flagship, well, in this case the flagship is DEI and the endgame is ESG. It is kinda hard to understand but its pretty important– even I am flummoxed on it!

    Basically, the more woke your game is, the more ESG score you have and the more funding you have from rich wokesters.

    Gaming companies are even putting this out on their websites, take Capcom for instance:

    *Note: there are more links but im not going to post them all, trust me, they have more on this ESG stuff.

    it seems that they don’t care about games, but just money! Now I have no problem with people enjoying money, but with trashy art you get your pockets empty. Monster Hunter World did not become Capcom’s most bought game cause they had DEI on it! the devs poured their hearts and soul into this game and wanting this to be the best Monster Hunter game to date.

    Let me know your thoughts, thank you.


      ESG = Chinese Social Credit Score

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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