Capitalism is not the issue, Goverment is

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    I am quite sick of some folks blaming capitalism for everything.  The American economic system in many markets IS NOT capitalism.  Capitalism in essence is the free market.  Well once goverment comes in and regulates the heck out of a market, essentially selecting winners and losers that is not at all a free market.  And generally once that happens things get turned into a mess.

    And then what happens?  More regulation to fix the regulation before it making that market ever worse.

    This is why I find it silly for some to clamor for the goverment to fix things.  Why?  They screwed it up in the first place.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there should be no rules or laws (consequences for illegal activity) just that regulation is what where is goes wrong.

    Is a free market system perfect?  Nope.  But then nothing is.  But it’s the best system out there offering the most freedom to individuals.


    Exactly. In pure capitalism there isn’t even any government. There can be some local councils, and it’s mostly based on volunteerism.

    I wouldn’t even call capitalism the best system, because in essence it’s the absence of a system. It’s the absence of regulation and power. In capitalism (at least in theory) no one has power over another person.

    An argument can be made for regulations of course, with the classic example of pollution. Many opponents of capitalism would use the example of a factory dumping their toxic waste in a river that runs through their land. Everyone agrees this must be illegal, the argument for it is just different. Statists see it as justification of man’s evil, and that government must keep him under heel. In capitalism, you can simply note that the river in its entirety doesn’t belong to the factory owner, hence he has no right to damage it. And even if he owned the entire river, he still doesn’t own the ocean

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    Well I think there is stark difference between making harm and damage illegal vs. telling a farmer he can only grow X through various means because the elites make more off of X.  Sure I guess it is still semantics but there is no perfect system.  There are no perfect rules/laws to write.  It takes actual effort from people who care, not those looking to simply gather money and power.  In most cases corruption precedes the regulation.

    But at the end of the day ,while we can point out issues with a capitalist system, just because we can find some fault or imperfection does not mean the system is not overall good or better.

    I mean after all,  I am unaware of such a system causing millions of deaths directly whereas this cannot be said for communism.


    Or any other system for that matter. Monarchism, theocracy, fascism, imperialism, just about any ism out there caused untold deaths. Capitalism (not corporatism) is the one which didn’t.

    As you stated, there is no perfect system. I’d say there isn’t even a good system and never has been one. Capitalism, being an absence of a system, is the best choice. It’s the closest to natural law we can get.



    Good points for sure.  Maybe that’s the trick, keeping human hands out of it as much as possible.





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