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    So this is what Disney, Marvel and the fucking whacko leftists think of the US.

    This shit is out of control. This is just saying exactly what they think of there own country. When you fuck with an ‘iconic’ character that symbolizes your own nation, you’re pretty much saying “I don’t give a FUCK anymore”.



    I thought when they thought making Cap’s into a extremely deep Hydra undercover sleeper agent was bad.

    It is like a broken record player.

    … take popular character, corrupt it by making it an XYZ who will fight an imaginary enemy (misogamy), and watch it crash and burn.


    Since they know they cannot create a character the fans want, they have to corrupt a popular one and hope it stays popular after they simp it.

    It does not work!


    I have been purchasing pre-woke gems, and refuse to give them the satisfaction their crap is worth keeping.

    Go Woke – Go Broke!

    If you don’t like my politics – don’t buy my book.


    Doing back issues, looking for used books/ novels/ games/ toys/ etc.


    Let their agenda over profits result in them being fired / go bankrupt.

    One less piece of sh!t we had to deal with, IMO.


    Gay stuff is the fastest way to lose me as a fan. This woke stuff is the main reason I support ComicsGate. It’s also a reason to support crypto. At this point, there has to be a desperate yearning and sense of urgency to breakaway from corporate brands. They are going with anti-human messaging and programming. Cut the chord and tune it out, but better yet, seek out other ways to direct your own focus. Focus on the little guy. Focus on independent “indie” projects in comics. Comicsgate s one of the easiest ways to support small business. Even if the whole point of making it is selling out, people has to realize that creations will be destroyed once they are bought by big brands.

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    So glad I quit comics years ago. I was already tired of getting pissed off after Marvel went into its “All-New, All-Different” phase. I’m just disappointed that the American comic industry didn’t crash and burn already.

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    Marvel and DC are both in trouble.

    None of the films brought in  new readers.

    And the past/current readers are leaving because they are not the stories/artwork they want to read/collect anymore.


    Like how many times are they going to cancel then try to restart Captain Marvel?

    We have no interested in that character.  Why should we have any interest in captain homo?


    all these new comics are giving away free tutorials on how to fail in life.



    I don’t understand how these “writers” think that this shit will be successful. It’s like they want the company to go out of business. Reminds me of “santa’s husband”.


    That’s totally going to flop, not only does it lack originality, but in this day and age gay people aren’t oppressed, with a few limited exceptions.

    It will be interesting to see them crash and burn and then say that it’s because of homophobia.



    They are one with the “victim culture mentality”, where all their shortcomings are BLAMED on everyone BUT themselves.


    It’s  a deliberate “Fuck You” to the longtime fans. The only purpose is to piss people off  and generate a reaction. They consider that to be “a win”.


    Let them put their time and money into it, why not? If recent history has taught the world anything, it’s that fans will only spend their money on what interests them. To each their own, different strokes for different folks etc.

    I personally couldn’t care less about this!

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    As a side note, if they try rewriting history. Then there’s a big chance I’d have a different opinion.


    @Loken the problem is, most SJW’s are using other’s money to do it.

    They infected businesses.  Be it marketing, human resources, or in writing stories.

    They care not if the for-profit business goes belly-up, so long as their TOXIC message gets out.

    They take what is already there, and destroy it with their TOXIC agenda.

    In the end, they got paid, the message got out, and they can blame everyone else when it fails.


    As a side note, if they try rewriting history. Then there’s a big chance I’d have a different opinion.

    They are already doing that.

    How many people from history has been tarnished?

    How many statues and monuments are been destroyed/taken down?

    How many streets, builds, schools, etc have been renamed?


    They promote criminals into role models.

    And make villains of the brave men and women who serve and protect the nation, even those during the horror what was 9-11.


    The rewriting of history has been underway for some time now.


    Hi Legatus, thx for the replies.

    I understand where you’re coming from and yes it’s frustrating. In my own opinion, they should be allowed to make comics, movies or games for any audience.

    Who am I to tell others what to spend their money on.

    As for them blaming us for not wanting to buy it, who cares? It’s my money and if they want it they’ll have to make something I’m interested in.

    As for rewriting history, this makes me mad and if I don’t put some thought into what I’m wanting to say, then…well it’ll come through wrong.

    Anyways thx for the chat!

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